Exploit Alert: Headless Player in SWAT

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Looks like the amazing “automated ban hammer” can only really detect boosters. Blatant exploiters however, is a different story. Seriously, this guy joins a SWAT game, and has no head. He also seems to be able to take 5-6 body shots instead of the normal 3 to kill. Let me repeat, he has no head:


In case his model has changed after I post this, I took a screenshot of his halo waypoint page: [CLASSIFIED]

Here’s the video of our game (from his perspective) – sorry, it is an iphone recording. Best I could do.

With all respect 343, give the boosters a break. Start focusing on the real problems. You guys taking over Halo was great news to me. From what I could tell, Bungie had lost all motivation towards the Halo series. I love the direction you have taken with this release and I, like many others, can deal with the small issues that happen during such a large transition. However, just show us that you’re making strides to make the game better. Right now, it simply feels like all you’re doing is dropping in content to make an extra buck. If that’s all you’re going to be about, might as well hand the title right back to Bungie.

It’s the headless Spartmen. He was decapitated by an Elite, so nothing wrong here.

Not only is that unfair, it’s bizarre and disturbing.

> Not only is that unfair, it’s bizarre and disturbing.

I think 343 should keep this guy. I never saw anything like him before. It’s just hilarious.

Heres another video of him. It looks like he took way more than 5 hits and he didnt die.

that guy gets all the girls.

He comes on these forums sometimes.

His username suggests he’s a Microsoft employee…

Perhaps this is why 343 hasn’t done anything. Helping their own?

> that guy gets all the girls.

Indeed. Gonna make a news about him lol.

It looks like he modded his in game model, although for the 6 hit’s I doubt that a LOT.

Maybe. They locked my thread about him without saying why so who knows

That is disturbing, and also amazingly detailed! I never knew that the Spartan undergarment would be shown after the removal of the armor! Wow 343i, I’m impressed even more.

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Don’t grief this guy so much. All he wants is a little head.

I find that very hilarious.

Played since Nov 3.

That is just WRONG…

Here’s another video of the guy.

This is just ridiculous.

Funny thing - this is female Spartan body.

At first, I didn’t really notice he was headless (on my smaller tv), and when I aimed at his head (or where his head should be), my reticle turned red. Normally, I would second guess the 5-6 body shots claim due to this reason. However, when I went back and watched theater, it’s clear he’s taking more damage that normal.

It’s crazy to me that the game uses the player model as a hit box. It’s really awesome that they pulled something like that off (game performance wise), but now we’re seeing some of the cons. I suspect that in reach, regardless of the player model, shooting the player where their head should be would result in a headshot, as I’m pretty sure Reach used box colliders.

Wow some people just have too much time on their hands.