Explaining Halo 4's plot holes (Parody)

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You know how in Halo 4 the Forward Unto Dawn looks completely different? Well, 343 has finally leaked a little bit of information on how that happened. So, as Master Chief got into the cryostasis pod, he got back out three days later and thought to himself “-Yoink- this, I can’t do this for four years.” And then Cortana said “You could rebuild the ship and blow it up again.” and the chief said “Why not?” And he did. It took him four long years. And when it was done, he blew up the half that actually looked like Forward Unto Dawn.

And that, my friends, is how it happened.

Oh, and he had to replace his armor after he destroyed it while furiously -Yoink-.

This is now canon.

We can make a following out of this.