Expired halo clan

Shadow Of The Prometheans has been disbanded due to the fact that I have a very short attention span. Wait, why am I writing this again? Oh well just letting you guys know

Is this clan just starting, or has this been a long established clan? I’m kind of ok with the service tag and armor color, but is there anything else we should konw about this clan?

It is a new clan, and pretty much everything mentioned is what is true. We basically just play war games, spartan ops, and campaign. Occasionally forge and custom games.

Ok thanks for the info. How many members re there again?

Honestly, 2 me and another

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My name is Goldenbudda21 and I am the residing Chairman of the Halo 4 clan, The Dark Order of the Sith. I come to you today seeking aid. We are a clan of more than 100 members but are on the brink of war. This war has estimated 7 or more clans and we ask you to come aid us and fight. Rewards include alliance with our clan which will ensure future battles between us and you for the fun of playing. If you are interested in a Halo 4 war of clans, contact us at our website: http://www.dark-sith-order.com/ We await your arrival.

Participation guarantees a new ally for your clan and a new clan to add to your clan battle reservoir.

Dark Order of the Sith