Experienced Opinion About Halo Infinite. Some points are very obvious

343- “Add a feature, break a feature”

-This game had a terrible premature launch in so many ways. First halo game in history with no actual built in Service Record, XP/Level/Playlist Rank, or Campaign at launch. Every feature keeps getting delayed with 343 multiple times. They had plenty of money, resources, and time. What is 343 thinking? Did they pocket their 500 million dollars or just use it for advertising? This game had the highest budget in video game history. Look it up there are videos and documentaries about their time and budget. There is no excuse for this high level of incompetence.

-FYI the halo waypoint Legacy Stats page has been very very broken since before the launch of MCC. Still no fix or update for legacy games. I feel insulted to have every halo game maxed out but my Legacy shows half those titles aren’t even played.

I get it…@343 Industries. You want to slowly lure us into new content over time so we keep playing. Just know this: “It’s better to have a stable KNOWN launch date from the start and release with a bang and most content at the start. That gives the new game more publicity and hype.”

343 needs to refresh themselves on what made Halo great in the first place years ago when bungie owned the franchise.

OHH I almost forgot to mention Halo Infinite does not have individual playlists at launch. I cannot remember a Halo game that didn’t. (Team Doubles, Team Snipers, Team Swat, FFA/Lone Wolves, Team Slayer, etc.)

It’s sad that I posted this a day ago and its gotten no thought from any people.

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Truth be told I was shocked there was no way to see aggregate stats.

First post I’ve seen talking about this, and to think I found it trying to verify if you were a troll or not on an unrelated post.

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