Experienced Forger Needed

This map is my first try at making a competitive map. I’m new to forge, but definitely not new to Halo. I’ve been playing since halo ce, and haven’t ever stopped. It’s been a dream of mine to have my map be played on in online multiplayer ever since Halo 3, but I’ve always thought it was too difficult to do so. Anyway this is my first real go at trying to make a real map. I am asking an experienced forger to make this map more visually pleasing as well as fix the spawns, objectives, skybox, and weapons. I want to keep the structure of the map for the most part. If you are interested, you can take most of the credit after the map is suitable for online multiplayer. E.g. list the authors as, “Experienced Forger with ShotAces”. If anyone is at all interested said me an Xbox live message at the GT ShotAces.