Experience in Halo 4

Hi all, just thought I’d introduce my opinion on the experience system and how it should be layed out in Halo 4 I do already know that they already have a system in place, and I just wanted to express how much I like it so far as I’ve seen it.

As you all know, the credit system in Reach was flawed. I enjoyed Reach very much, but it didn’t reward the winner when in actuality, the winner should be earning much more credits or expierience than the loser. In Halo 4, as I’ve seen so far, it looks like there is a massive 5000 xp bonus for a win, and that’s exactly what Halo needed. In terms of ranks, I have no clue how much 5000 xp is compared to how much you need to rank up, but it looks very promising. Things such as medals, kill count, objective assist, and kill assist should also be a factor in end game xp reward. They could possibly include an MVP reward for most point earned in a game, and that would also help with people who do well in games.

Now, on to the TrueSkill. Since BPR is shown front and center in your service record, that could help with matching you up with similarly skilled players. For example, if your BPR is between 70-85, those players will be matched together. Just an opinion on what could possibly put into play as the skill system. Thanks to everyone who read my thoughts!

What the point anyway winning team could earn 1 billion EXP for all I care progression ranking mean nothing.

Unlocking items through progression gives players something to work for. I understand they could hand out armor through achievements but I find that very easy in most cases.

It has been confirmed that the winning team earns a huge credit bonus, as you saw in the video. This should give some incentive to actually try, in order to earn that shiny helmet you’ve been eying for so long.

As for BPR, I believe it is a fairly flawed stat, and should not be used to determine match-ups. If it is used, I hope 343i figures out a way to improve it. I’ve known many people who have improved their game dramatically since the launch of Reach, but their BPR remains the same.

Yeah I really didn’t know how BPR was used in calculation with your halo skill. Thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it.