Expectation setting for 2023

Ever since taking a back seat to Infinite the communication regarding MCC’s updates has been poor. I’ve complained about this several times and ask the team to keep the community in the loop with release dates and new features. At the same time the 343 folks working on the MCC plus modders on the dig site content are some of the most passionate folks about Halo and they truly have my appreciation.

All I ask is what can the community expect throughout 2023? I assume more bug/parity fixes. Maybe a handful of new features? Without good expectation setting the community will run wild with wish list and impossible expectations to meet. There really wasn’t any official mention of 2023 support, we are just operating on this assumption given that there are a few unreleased features.

Below is confirmed on the way:

  • Halo 4 campaign theater support
  • Spartan Points/progression rework
  • More mod tool documentation
  • Acrophobia for CE (assumption given that it’s already a feature not enabled via UI)
  • Golden moas for H2C

Mod tool documentation and tool updates will probably occur throughout the year. As for the rest who knows when they will drop, and what new parity fixes if any are the way. In a livestream with Dersky (producer on the MCC team) he mentioned that the engineers who would be able to look into netcode updates for CE and H2C are currently occupied with mod tools. Now that the the mod tools and Steam workshop support are all released can we expect continued investigation into this?


Well, I mean… I think that ship has already sailed my man. This whole forum is essentially one giant wishlist to the devs at this point. The community’s impossible expectations have definitely already been sent lol XD

I hear you though, and I agree. I definitely would like to see some sort of update that gives us a slate of what new features we can expect for the MCC going forward.

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When even is the next update. While back with the last update, I would have predicted that it would come by end of February, since it looked like these updates having been coming out every 3 months or so. But now there’s no information.


For a game with no DLC, Expansions, or MTX, MCC has gotten a huge amount of support. Some of it was needed bug fixes, but there’s things that went above and beyond a collection of old games.

I wouldn’t be surprised if MCC sales have petered out in recent years. Odds are most people who would want to buy the games have.

I don’t have much expectations for MCC this year. I am just glad they are actually still working on it. What I would like to see, realistically, more/different challenges and I suppose more cosmetics to unlock, perhaps via gameplay/challenges and not just put in the exchange as I have a mountain of points. It’s always more fun to earn stuff via game play.

Un-realisticlly… More H2 maps remastered for H2A or more maps for H2A in general. Expand the composer to be able to turn gametypes on/off and perhaps maps… For example I don’t mind ctf some times but really hate one flag ctf would be cool to turn off one flag games and only get the two flag games. Also if not turned maps on/off perhaps customizable weighting/prioritizing…

Also maybe some sort of HCS event featuring MCC? Might help attract more players.

I am going to start playing more MCC again, played last weekend some and had a really fun time. Geeked out when I got boarding action FFA snipers TWICE in one night.

i don’t have any expectations for the mcc this year. most of the stuff i really wanted are already in the game now. the only updates i want for this game are very minor changes and bug fixes.


I expect the announcer to shout Perfection again at the end of a Reach Slayer game before the year is out :roll_eyes:

Given the 343 layoffs I am worried if the MCC team is affected. A lot of the public facing folks like Kornman and PsychoDuck have done the lords work with the MCC. Hoping the best for them, this decade has been marked by trying times.

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Profile pic checks out lol

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with the recent firing spree at 343, i’ll be pleasantly surprised if any major updates happen this year for the mcc

I’d be amazed if this game gets any updates ever again.


Let’s not jinx it. We’ll at least be getting the Cutting Room Floor content soon. God willing.

And the Halo 4 Theater update.


that’s true. i’m still holding out hope for some good updates this year. i’m just cautiously hopeful now

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The only thing I expect from 343 this year is nothing. However, the only thing I want is that 343 should not break the game even more.

Add proximity chat for Multiplayer, Halo 2, 3 and reach had it

Is this not in for all games?

I know Halo 4 at least has it from the weeks I spent slaving over the Blast BR skin. (Cries in shower over time wasted.)

With the recent layoffs, its best to set expectations low.

Honestly, I expect that anything big like maps and modes are officially off the table now following the 2023 job cuts, outside of maybe any digsite releases.

What I do see happening though is possibly some improvements to existing modes, such as;

  • restoring cut features like Halo Reach’s Elite Assassinations against NPC ODST’s

  • Restoring Guta as Hazards on the appropriate Firefight map(s)

  • Restoring the mostly finished Enemy Drones for Reach Firefight

  • Restoring the unused Stealth Elites as enemies for ODST Firefight

  • Restoring the unused Brute Trackers/Snipers as enemies for ODST

  • Restoring the mostly unused Spec-Ops Grunts as allies for the ODST Elite Floodfight boons

I also wouldn’t be surprised if they chose to port the Halo 4 Gravity Hammer and Spartan Lazer to H2AMP as was done with the ODST weapons in Halo 3, since both are the only Halo 2-3 era weapons missing from that game. There is also the last 7 Halo Online cosmetics teased for Halo 3 alongside the final cut Reach Chest, which will likely show up in the exchange at some point since they were finished and usable during Season 5’s December update/preview.

My personal wishlist:

  • HDR support on PC.
  • Ray Tracing +DLSS Support on pc
  • Possibility for disabling skins for others but not your character in Matchmaking (currently you turn off everything

To me it’s the only things missing for the game to be perfect :slight_smile:

Iirc one of the devs answered that anything like this was off the table (although the answer was in response to why the cosmetic toggle wasn’t set up like the unified medals toggle with a Legacy, New, and New+Fractures.). The most they might be able to do is redefine what counts as legacy content (for instance, Reach’s restored Armor pieces), though the Devs seem pretty dead-set on keeping that content tied to fractures regardless of its legacy status.

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