Expanding the UNSC INFINITY Universe

Ever since I saw the INFINITY I wanted to see more of the ship it’s self being able to explore all the Faculties the INFINITY has to offer a Spartan. So what if it could be explored a complete experience to explore the UNSC INFINITY freely without limitation added on to halo 4 or on another form all together.

Being able to have a complete Spartan carrier aboard the INFINITY.

So I wonder if 343 could Create the whole of the INFINITY for exploration.
But then again it is just an idea.

I actually was thinking practically the same thing. For a ship that is meant to be the hub of all Spartan activity, and the FOB for SpecOps and Multiplayer, we really don’t get to see a whole lot of it.

I definitely would not mind a free roam of the ship, just for some R&R between matches or whatever. Even better would be to do away with the menu all-together and just use terminals inside of the Infinity to allow us to start matchmaking, specOps or campaign. And instead of changing armor in the menu, we just walk over to an armor station and have it equipped right there. And instead of just choosing loadouts we could go to the armory and grab our weapons for our loadouts.

All this is kind of a stretch, but it would definitely increase the immersion aspect of the game.

I am a big fan of the Halo universe and agree it would be great to “tour” the Infinity freely.

Hopfully we will get alot of cinamatics from 343 that does showcase more of the ship. Thats the best I believe we could get in the near future.

I agree with you this idea of R&R and heading to areas of the ship to edit armour, weapons, start Spartan ops and war games.

I really hope 343 pays attention to this idea and try to turn this idea into something amazing.

Yes, yes, and yes. I would love to see more of the Infinity, especially in-game. A free-roam area sort of like ODST’s Mombasa Streets level but on a larger scale.

Personally I believe when Halo 6 ends they should switch Halo to something like Skyrim. Massive Enviroments to explore, customize weapons and Armor. Ai characters and enemies. The Halo Ip can certainly jump and survive in other genres.