Expanding Slayer Pro. Creating Team Hardcore.

First off I would like to give HUGE thank you to 343i. I love Halo 4 and it is by far the best halo since H2.

Basically this thread is a suggestion to 343i to add “Pro” Objective variants to the Slayer Pro playlist and then changing the name to Team Hardcore.

Slayer Pro is one of my favorite playlists in Halo 4. I am a pretty die hard competitive Halo player and prefer settings such as radar off. I also love to play objective gametypes but I feel the obj playlists in H4 (KOTH, CTF, Oddball) don’t exactly offer the best competitive maps/settings. I would love if 343i added “Pro” objective variants to the “Slayer Pro” playlist and renamed the playlist to Team Hardcore (or something like that). I think competitive players would really appreciate this and it would be a great way to keep the game fresh.

A few changes I would make to the settings (Just suggestions, not a must):

  • Make starting loadouts have 2 nades.
  • Competitive AAs (Jetpack, Thruster, Hologram) as pickups.
  • Different and more frequent power weapon spawns.

Once again, this is only a suggestion and I understand 343i is working hard to keep Halo 4 fresh and fun.

2 Nades pleeeaaase.

Yeah 2 Nades is something I think the “Pro” gametypes need.