expanding elites armor variant

thank you 343/ Bungie for vast amount of customization avalible in the halo titles but i find it odd that their is so much slack in the elite customization. ive seen halo legends and the short comics, read almost all the books and have wathched the motion comics fetured on way point. while watching headhunters (was awesome by the way) i noticed another type of elite armor and i thought over all the halo games and books and the few movies their is always a different looking type of elite armor so why is the elite is absolutly uncustomizable in halo reach, and will their be better cusomization options in halo 4.
im not mad or tryin to be an butt, but the elite does feel like my spartan does. my spartan i spent time and effort to create and match him to my personaslity. the elite. i moved up a rank and unlocked it.

Best Elite ever
hes just a minor yet hes buffer then the hulk