Expand the store

First off, I love that Halo Infinite has forever battlepasses and you can always keep your seasons and work on them at your own pace.

What I don’t get is the limited offering of the store. We only have 5 items per week and then everything goes away. There are some great armor parts and even coatings that are just “vaulted” for who knows how long.

Why is it the eSports teams page has three times the offerings than the weekly shop? Put up 5 new per week and rotate 5 or 10 old items in and out, maybe set up a delay so this week’s new items won’t be available for like, 2 months or something while older content is cycled through. I should be able to go back and buy old store items.


Except we don’t keep our battle pass’s. There blocked by premium service. All content should be earnable.

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Bro if things keep going the way of this season then you can literally own every battle pass for a single payment of $10.

It’s a steal.


Just no. I don’t want an incomplete game where it’s paying another $10 then pay another $10 for a game that has the bare minimum. It’s bad enough to actually have everything in store I would need to drop over 1k. Compared to Halo Reach I just find this current system insulting. There’s literally nothing to do stop them from charging a lot more for BP as soon as people trying to rationalize paying them constantly.

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Dang imagine how great it would be if instead of putting all that stuff in the store, 343 let us unlock all of it via gameplay.

Dont ask for them to expand their greedy ventures.

Dont settle for less. Fight for better


Yeh that would be amazing since it would actually feel like I’m getting somewhere in the game instead of 343i expecting us to just hand our wallet. The current BP makes me just dislike the current state of the game and doesn’t encourage me to want to play because most of the content is not earnable in-game due to it be blocked by the premium pass.


FOMO is the only reason that makes any sense.

Seems weird, you’d think they’d want to have more things to sell to generate more revenue instead of creating a fake manufactured scarcity of digital items.

Yeh a permanant catalogue we can choose from like Warframe or Destiny would be much more beneficial than being strapped to bundles the whole time.


Agreed, except for the part where they put things that were in the key art (warmaster helmet) and other items people will likely want more than anything in the pass -the helmet in this weeks bundle- in the store. All while simultaneously charging more for an armor set bundle containing 13 items -of which people may only want one of- than the battle pass containing 180 rewards.

That’s why people get pissed at the store, I’d rather them charge $25 for each battle pass and just delete the store. Or, at the very least allow players to earn credits just by playing matches, that way its possible to get items just from playing the game. Even if they kept the fomo of the rotating store, I would still be happier with that system. It would also make 343 not seem so greedy and exploitative in my, and most of community’s eyes.