Expand on Custom Games for Halo Reach and Halo 4 and for Future Challenges

343i should try and expand on Custom games by introducing a Playlist with the communities favourite custom games like Drive or Die etc.

They should also bring back Bungie Favourites or 343i Favourites so the community knows what are the best Videos, Screenshots, Maps and Gametypes.

For Future Daily and Weekly Challenges, please don’t make any Campaign ones. They’re annoying and pointless as I have already beaten the Campaign, so why should I have to complete another level of the Campaign. Stick to Multiplayer and Firefight challenges and try to come up with Innovative ones (e.g. Mongoose Mowdown)

If 343 made playlists of popular community gametypes people’ll just -Yoink- about how 343 killed custom games. It happened with Reach.

I’d personally prefer a double XP weekend like playlist, Halo 3 style. Every week it’d be something different; preferably a popular community gametype.

What they need is a custom game browser in Halo 4