EXP Screen

So as I have been playing Halo 4 online, I’v noticed several of things that could be added to the EXP Screen at the end of each round. When I play in-game and receive completed challenges on the side when I am playing, I rarely find out what they are, for several of reasons. One because it is really small, two because it disappears quickly, and three sometimes I don’t get to look quick enough to see how many points I actually obtained from it. So with all that being said, at the end of each game at the EXP Screen, it should tell you all of the challenges you recieved, and how many points each were worth and the total of all of them. I just figured it would be nice to have because I can’t even tell what I complete half the time and how many additional points I’m receiving on top of the points I get at the end of each match.