EXP earning is way too slow

Great…Now i cant do the spongebob bubble blowing techique in halo infinite for xp no more?..

all that for a drop of 50xp.

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Agreed. The daily 6 game bonus is a nice change but people are still not getting XP for just playing the game. And there is no incentive to do better. People need to earn a bonus for wins, XP based on scores, and bonuses for medals or something. Like, any other game with XP.


Keeping it simple…

  1. They need to keep the daily XP bonus. (from 300 down) This makes playing a little daily worth it.
  2. They need to add in some XP for kills, captures, carry time, etc. to make playing well worth it and drive positive player behavior.
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With the way the current XP system works it’s extremely slow to level up however any of you who own the battle pass if you have double XP grants do not use them until the day resets you will level up significantly faster because your first game will give you 300 XP for completing it with an XP Grant that’s 600 XP and then your second game will give you 400 XP that will immediately put you already one level in to the battle pass and then if you continue to play you should be able to get through at least three ranks in one day just from that XP alone and if you complete challenges as well you might even be able to get to four or five levels.

But I still don’t agree with the way that the progression system works we should have something else to work towards other than the battle pass and there needs to be more XP gained overall especially if you win the match you should gain more XP for instances if you win the match you should gain 100 extra XP and if you lose the match you only get the normal 50 XP they need to make it to where you actually benefit from playing decently rather than just getting nothing regardless of if you win or lose you can join a match and just stand there the entire time and you’ll still get rewarded the same as everyone else 343 really needs to add in a new progression system something similar to along the lines of the MCC and we need to be able to gain credits from this as well I think you should be getting credits from leveling up and the higher level you are the more credits you gain however I know that they will obviously make it to where there will be a cap on how much credits you would be able to obtain in one day because at the end of the day they are company they will still focus on profit overall.


I’m in the same boat as you, I feel like I’m being punished for wanting to play more after completing my challenges. Hopefully they make some improvements to the xp system soon enough.


I hate this challenge system, 3rd time trying to complete it. It becomes a job. I spend one good day outside of the usual hr I put in, to grind out at much as I can. Always end up having one or two left (which are the ones that rarely happen in game) & then Iife hits me. This system has to go, can’t go through multiple games hoping for a oodball match or a chopper to spawn.


Don’t really mind the challenging progression (after the XP update). To me it’s only more rewarding when you actually get something instead of seeing everyone running around with “end gear” 1 month after release. That said I think it’s stupid when a specific game mode challenge comes on and you can’t search for specific modes. Especially when having an XP boost active :confused:

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At the very least if there’s not going to be any performance based XP at the end of each match, we should keep getting random challenges after completing the weeklys. So far every set of weekly challenges has only taken me one day or a couple hours of game play throughout the week and then I have no motivation to play for next to no XP after they’re all completed and hop on something else until the next set is out.

Until the XP earn rate is fixed, and it does need to be fixed because the current implementation is broken, it’s very hard to motivate oneself to play more than a couple matches.

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I know you posted this before the changes, but to be honest I’m sad they made it easier. It wasn’t slow at all, we had almost 200 days to get to 100, that’s sooooooo easy. I’m at 100 now without buying any tiers and if feels bad that I have to wait for 150 days to get more progression. That being said, if there was a separate progression system to the battle pass I’d be happy.

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the grind is real… so i have to rely on double XP and time which challenges i can do and progress, honestly was able to get to atleast 20 or 15 levels every weekly resets for new challenges using this method but my god i hate how they throw you “HEY HAVE A BONUS LAST CHALLENGE”

just me that thinks earning exp is actually fine and challenges to gain exp are too easy?


Leveling up the battle pass is definitely significantly slow but we need more than just the battle pass we need an actual progression system along the lines of the MCC however with the way the MCC works once you hit a certain point you no longer gain unlock points you can only gain them through challenges I think that is a little bit unfair and is something that 343 needs to fix but we also need basic gear so players who are playing free and don’t plan on spending any money at least have a minimal amount of customization so they can look a bit different n not the basic look all the time like Halo 3 where you had basic armours at the start


I think exp currently should be 150 per game. You still level up about every 7 games which is about 30m to an hour. It would increase the incentive to buy/use exp boost as it would be more beneficial for those who don’t have a lot of time.

I’m sitting at 98 without purchasing any levels. Exp warning was slow at the time this topic was created… like over a month ago…

After the update, aslong as you time your XP boosts with high value challenges, the levels absolutely blow by. I’d almost say too fast. I’m a pretty casual player, and I expected it to take longer than it has.


nope, i agree.
i’ve nabbed the weekly within days each time and yesterday i got to level 100 on the battle pass, i did buy 5 level skips however but even without doing that i’d have been done tomorrow or the day after.

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I like the daily change and hopefully this is where it stays. 6 matches is a guaranteed level regardless of other challenges in your list, so 100 days of 6 matches maxes out the battle pass. For a battle pass that initially lasts 160 days and still has 130ish left to go, that seems more than fair. When we get to shorter seasons it would be worth revisiting.

Does it absolve them of the fact that we should get xp for in game performance but we do not? Of course not. That’s something that needs to be addressed soon. Either by adding a separate progression system in game like the old UNSC Ranks of previous games, or by granting battle pass xp.

Right now, the battle pass progression is in a decent place. I’ve been playing pretty casually, weaving multiplayer in with the campaign and catching up on my gaming backlog, and I’m 53. The only thing I’ve bought is the Battle Pass for $9, no skips or boosts.

The only thing that needs addressing with the current BP progression is that it rewards AFK’ers.

I’d be more concerned about waiting 100 more days to have another progressions tbf

It is still slow, even with the challenge changes. I don’t have the time or desire to grind through the weeks challenges to get a backdrop or logo that I don’t want. I am a casual player and the current system leads me to play 6 games to get the most xp and then stop.

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I would hope nobody has the desire to grind for something they don’t want. Seems pretty counterintuitive.