EXP earning is way too slow

I do wonder though what their solution is gonna be. I know they said they’re working on a fix, but I can’t help but think how they believe they’re gonna fix it. The 50 xp after a match barely does anything when, before the patch, you was getting 100 xp for the first 3 matches and then 200 xp for every 5 matches you played after that.

Just wanted to voice my own frustrations at a clearly flawed and manipulative levelling up system.

Yesterday I had my best game yet - it was BTB, Total Control. I got 40 kills, 8 deaths, several multi-kills and a few killing sprees and at least 10 assists and we won the match, and what did I get for performing so well? Well, other than the innate satisfaction of playing well (not to be underestimated!) all I got was the bog-standard, measly 50xp for completing a game. I had no more weekly challenges to do you see, so no extra xp for me. I might as well not have been playing at all, left my controller untouched, gone and made a cup of tea, and come back at the end of the match to receive the same 50xp. A game that rewards an equal amount of xp to someone that is AFK as to someone that is kicking -Yoink!- is a game that is as broken as hell.

The solution is simple - daily and weekly challenges should be BONUS XP, whilst Primary XP comes from a) playing matches (baseline xp for everyone), b) winning matches, c) having a postive KDA or fulfilling the objective, d) getting medals. Y’know, like it was in prior Halo games and most other multiplayer games on the planet.

The only reason this system is not currently in place is because the designers want to draw out the progression as long as possible to frustrate the player and compel them to buy ‘xp boosters’ in order to alleviate that frustration - scummy F2P tactics 101. This is a highly short-sighted and manipulative system that actually makes your best, most sought-after players - the ones who are going to want to play this game as much as possible over the long-term - not want to play at all.

Ultimately, a better strategy would be to fairly reward players for skilful play with decent, fair progression, thus keeping them engaged with the game over the long term, and creating ‘good will’ in your player base. This in turn encourages them to buy the battle pass to unlock the cosmetic rewards of their efforts, and maybe even spend more money in the shop if they really want to give back to the developers for creating such a great game in the first place. Respect your players, and they will respect you. Insult them and they’ll go play something else.

Get. It. Fixed.


I don’t think there is a problem with how fast you level up, since every level is 1000 XP. So without challenges you can rank up daily if you play about 2 hours a day. On MCC i’m now almost tour 9 and if i want to rank up there without challenges and with 2 hours a day, it would take me weeks.

I think the problem is that every match is 50XP, no matter how you player and if you win/lose. There the tweaking should happen.

Random proposal:

team XP: (max 30 XP)
Win: 30 XP
Draw: 20 XP
Lose: 10 XP

personal XP (max 30 XP):
2 XP per kill
1 XP per assist
(multikills and sprees count towards medal XP)

1 XP per 10 seconds of holding the ball
1 XP for ball kills
1 XP for killing the carrier

10 XP for capturing a flag
5 XP for grabbing a flag from its base
5 XP for returning a flag
1 XP for killing a carrier
1 XP for killing with the flag

(deliberately no XP for normal kills, since otherwise ppl will not play the objective, but just camp for kills)

Medal XP: max 30 XP

In total you could score 90 XP per match.

Completely agree. Just want to echo a few things just incase 343 is reading:

I absolutely love the gameplay for Halo infinite and this is probably the best Halo I’ve played since Halo 3. That being said, the approach for the battle pass and the store needs a lot of work to say the least…

Leveling up is far too slow and XP should also be awarded for your performance during a match AND for winning one (not just for completing a match). This will encourage people to play the objective (many pretend they’re playing slayer on CTF/Oddball) and make players feel like they’re progressing. Also, the fact that the battle pass and events are full of challenge swaps and double XP is disheartening (these are not rewarding in the slightest). The fact that you have to pay to get SIMPLE colors (I.e. BLUE) and visor colors that are locked to an armour core, is ridiculous. Paying for crazy armour colors/coatings is understandable, but not for really basic colors that are locked to a specific armour core. People would be less upset if you could unlock one color for ALL cores as well. Paying for three $20 bundles (each being one armour coating, a charm, and an emblem…) and I’ve just paid full price for the CAMPAIGN… For what we get from these bundles, they are not worth the price we pay for them. In the current state, when I look at someone’s armour, I think “this person spent $200” rather than “sick armour how can I get that.” In Halo, grinding through the game to get armour you wanted was part of the experience and locking most of it behind a paywall is insulting.

I recognize that armour cores and the store are not going anywhere at this stage. However, this system could work if it was implemented in a way where players felt that they were worth it. First off, an armour coating, visor color, and armour itself should not be limited to a specific core (bots mix&match, why can’t we?). This will make players feel like their unlocks are worth more and are more likely to buy them. Second, basic color coatings should be available for all cores (crazy cosmetics are different). Third, and most importantly, the challenge swaps in battle passes should be replaced by store credits so there was some way to unlock everything. Fourth, providing more XP awards for someones performance during a match and for winning a match will allow people to progress through the battle pass at a more satisfying rate. Alltogether, this will eliminate complaints about most armour being locked behind a paywall and players will feel like their time/effort into unlocking something is meaningful. Players can craft their spartan the way they would want (a core feature in the Halo experience) without spending 5-10X the price of the campaign.

Again, I’m absolutely loving this game but the monetization/store needs a lot of work. 343i has absolutely nailed every aspect of this game and it would be a shame if people stopped playing for this reason. Once this is done players will feel like their unlocks are actually worth something and give players more satisfaction for their time spent in the game

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i think something like that, or completing objectives or medals, so half your team will try to get the flag instead of camping and spawn killing

This game is stupid, just spent two hrs to find a Slayer match for my last weekly challenge. I had no more upcoming challenges. I finally beat it, just to have another one randomly pop up after it.

Apparently you can’t say the R-word on here…

Unyshek has provided an update with another band-aid solution to the larger problem. He notes that they’re aware that a larger solution is needed but that this will help us for now.

1st Game = 300XP
2nd Game = 200XP
3rd Game = 200XP
4th Game = 100XP
5th Game = 100XP
6th Game = 100XP
7th+ Game = 50XP

We believe this increase will help address those slower initial payouts while also benefiting those of you jumping on each and every day.


And to translate into the simplest of terms:

Pre XP boosts and not accounting for challenges, you’ll get a level per day simply playing six games. Complete challenges on top and you’ll get a little more. Pop one of their XP boosts you’re given in the pass (or buy them I don’t care) and you’re getting 2 levels without challenges.

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This is a huge boost to the daily gains. Pop an xp boost when you first sign on and you should easily get 2 levels an hour.

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It would be nice if we would be able to earn more levels in an hour. You have to remember, the length of time between seasons 1 and 2 is an outlier, we’re not going to be able to have as much time to unlock content for the next season. And if people have day jobs or other obligations, then they shouldn’t have to spend ALL of their remaining free time in an arduous grind.

Okay this is better, however there still aren’t any incentives to perform in matches. I have an idea that I think would be received well. Keep the 50xp base for completing a match, however add a repeating 150xp challenge for winning the match so that every time you win a match, you get 200xp and if you lose, you still get 50xp. Stack the weekly challenges on top of that and I think we’d be golden.


These xp payouts should be quite good based on a quick observation. A total of 1000 xp (1 tier) for the first 6 games in a given day will at least mean that the community should be able to complete 1 tier/day which is similar to the PvE season point payouts in MCC.

The weekly challenges and any additional games beyond the 6th game will probably act like a nice bonus to the 1000 xp given for the 6 first games.

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Importantly, with the Season 1 extension, we aren’t just stretching-out our original Season 1 plan. Indeed, we took this opportunity to add additional events, customization items and other content to Season 1 to make it an even richer experience from start to finish.

  • Joeseph Staten, Beta Launch Blog

It’s not really clear to me what they did to account for the longer time frame, but it’s clear here it wasn’t just stretched out. Perhaps they added 20 or 30 levels to their planned typical pass. Regardless, what they planned before launch and where things are now in the midst of the scramble and where they will be in another 5 months are probably very different.


Its not called halo infinite for nothing

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you would get even more if you play other modes you get like 200 points for a flag capture, 50 for a return, 20 every two seconds you hold on to the ball, and like 50 for every zone capture and battery returned that’s a ton of points slayer would probably be the lowest-earning game mode.

It is great that they have made the progression system better, but now players can just load into a game, do nothing and get boosted through lobbies and repeat every day. I think including XP for getting kills, playing the objective, being MVP, etc. will give players an incentive to actually play the game and feel like they are accomplishing something. Titanfall, Battlefield, MW all do this great. Even if this system is implemented into rank people will feel more accomplished and be more sweaty when playing.

Now if the reason behind slow progression is because they do not want you to get to the end of the battle pass (that I paid for) very quickly, then that is not right. Another reason could be that they do not have enough skins and colors you can unlock yet.

Whatever the case, at least they are listening and trying to make this the best experience without catering to all the cry babies.

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The challenge system need to change, it needs to be more like the MCC. Great rewards for beating them, but also can be completed throughout any gametype. Also needs to be where it doesn’t impede on gameplay, as in not going for the win or going out of your way.

Other thing challenge swap, should let you pick the challenge to swap it with or give you a few options to pick from to swap it with. That way you won’t be stuck with a random challenge that xould actually be worse then the one you swapped it for.


Not sure if this is the correct forum for this, but I haven´t seen this being addressed anywhere else, but I find the timer on the weekly challenges particularly distressing, only because of the ultimate challenge rewards. In my case, because I have the qualities of an obsessive personality, I almost feel obligated to complete these challenges just to get that reward, and that makes this incredible game just so less enjoyable many of the times that I played it. It would be much better y you just put such rewards in a not expirable progression system so that I can play whenever I want without feeling that pressure.


The whole battle pass they have created is horrible. Forcing players to do stupid challenges for xp as opposed to PTFO and doing well is the worst design decisions since halo 5 had loot boxes.


I’ve tried twice to find time to beat it & come up short. The first time I had one challenge left, spent an hour just waiting for the right gametype. Finally beat it & nothing. Another challenge was added after that so I gave up on it.