EXP earning is way too slow

It doesn’t have to be this way, but I would be okay with it just for now because I only really want the ODST stuff around levels 62-70 somethin’. Lol.

Battle pass is kind of expensive for my taste especially how slow it is to level up and unlock items. IMO the battlepass gimmick doesn’t fit with Halo.

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Out of your mind if you think people would hate a performance based system. The way to do that is have a baseline from finishing the match, small bonus for winning, and if you were in some way at the top in performance another bonus the same as a win. It wouldn’t be groundbreaking completing is 1 and being good is like 40

my way of how they should accommodate the challenges
play any 50xp repeatable game
Win any 50xp repeatable match
salt first place 50xp repeatable
play a specific way, that are random challenges but that are every 24 hours
event 1 every 24rs
event 1 every 24hrs
I have no problem with the weekly ones, although they should lower the challenges where you kill with vehicles
Likewise, they should give a free challenge change for only 1 days, which is not a token but an option that is used every 24 hours

I was wrong in my comment. I was yesterday old when I played an awesome game a just got 50XP just like the guy who was afk the whole match.


I never got to play Halo 5, been waiting for it to come to the PC. But I watched videos on it, and loved it. I think Halo Reach, 4, and 5 did it well. Infinite would be awesome out of them all, if they people making the body types were the same ones from those games and actually put the same effort in.

Look, I know they’re planning SOME changes… all I’m saying is, implementing a tiered XP system per match and per gametype would work better than what’s happening now…

idk something like the following:

Slayer Match: 50 base xp then, 75xp for 10 kills, 150xp for 15 kills, 200xp for 20+ kills

CTF: 50 base xp, then +25xp per defense/carrier kill/return, +75 per cap, +25 per joust

Strongholds: 50 base xp, then, +25 per capture/defense,

Oddball: 50 base xp, +25 per carrier kill, +25 per 30 seconds held, +25per defender/guardian angel.


Yeah, I agree with Viral. This seems to be the best option that will make happy either the player and the developers.

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I’ve leveled 25 tiers already, without buying anything. And I haven’t played in a couple days. It’s really not that difficult if you do the challenges.

I don’t think it’s too terrible to progress, especially once you start stacking challenges and coordinating your boosts. I’m almost halfway done with the pass… and it’s been like 2/20 weeks of the season length.

It’s just slow in comparison to what we e become accustomed to. But I think once we get out of S1, it won’t seem as bad since the first season was artificially lengthened.

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so iv been bricked from battle pass because my last challenge isn counting kills it brutal stalker i know im not supposed to post bugs here but support hasnt done any thing in the 5 days iv been bricked i worked hard to earn the weekly i even bought the battle pass premium and now im going to miss this weeks skin i haven been able to level up in 5 days i feel scammed and support isnt helping what do i do iv message them via twitter and 6 tickets and nothing

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I honestly hope 343 gets this -Yoink!- together and delivers. The game is ALMOST perfect. What really got to me was when they stated that, “if you were a fan of Reach’s customization, you’ll love Infinites”. There’s nothing about Halo Infinite’s customization system that is useful for the end-user. We’re expected to pay for a BP that takes an act of congress to complete. Furthermore, the store takes away from any interactive and progressive multiplayer experience. I hope they implement something after launch or they’ll stand a big chance of losing many dedicated fans (especially if this is a long-term implementation). Although the game is free, I’d rather pay $60 for a better multiplayer experience.

Hope they add more challenges. Im done with the weekly ones, so im stuck just doing the daily for 50 xp, at this rate never gonna level up. Its fun and all, but leveling just sucks

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This game is the perfect way on how not to do multiplayer on an already standing franchise. No collision, no team colors, lack of weapons, -Yoink!- progression, lack of game modes and more. they have -Yoink!- botched every possible thing they could.


on the one hand its slow, on the other hand it will be nice when i get to the end and so many others wont… cousrse you can just buy the way there which kinda devalues it to me too… But for the free players wish there was more small rewards or unlocks more often.

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I honestly don’t care. I can’t see my Spartan while I’m playing the game so it doesn’t really matter.

People are too focused on the wrong things and it’s because of COD and there casino like battlepass that just dumps garbage all over you.

I do agree progression is too slow but considering Microsoft said they would be changing it during the first flight I think a little patience is needed here.

We are talking about a free game with an $8 battlepass that lasts forever. That’s better than a $30 pass that lasts 4 months and has tons of items that can’t be used in tons of modes or different cod games. Same as the expensive pay to win weapons they sell separately.

I’m am so thankful ms didn’t do that… The way cod works is ridiculous. People just starting out get obliterated by people with higher level weapons or weapons they bought that are crazy powerful.

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Mwahahaha, Don’t change it 343, make them earn it!!
As easy as it is to rank to diamond+ these folks could spend a little time in arena working on their skills.

This battle pass is atrocious except for the last 20 tiers.

Agree with most. The progression method is no good. No bonus for kills, winning, style… it’s stupid.

Also the challenges for the fracture event being buried and limited.

The weekly challenge should just be 3 decent challenges. Going through all those just to get to “5 killtakulars” is a joke.

Great game though

ya they could at least give use xp for kills , what else gets me is u can run out of daily xp to get , thats not cool if i want to play 100 games a day i should get the 50 xp ever game not just the 1st 40 games .