EXP earning is way too slow

I am holding off getting a new X-Box until I’ve played the campaign on my current X-Box. I have become very untrustful of large Multinational Corporations, which unfortunately, now own a lot of games companies. If I get my Infinite disc for Chrissy and start playing a buggy nightmare, I will be putting off a new X-Box until it’s fixed.

Push back is coming in thick and fast. I logged on today to see the ‘Event’. After having a look at the ‘Event’, I think we are going to see more push back. It looks like to me anyway, that they have damaged, their damage control.


So you can only rank up through the fracture event by beating Fiesta challenges?

Yep and they show up at random in the challenge slots

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This whole system is fudge up (can’t cuss):unamused:. Jumped back in to check out the new event & just feel even more disappointed in 343.


Its killing me because other than the microtransactions, I’m loving infinite

Same. That and the lack of a female body type. But mainly the progression system, gameplay-wise.

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Yeah, the game itself is great.



I hate how a good chunk of time of my xp boost is wasted waiting for other players to load in. I play on a series X with fiber optic internet, so Im in right away, but ive watched my xp boost countdown for 2 to 3 minutes every match, then it still counts down at the end of the match when i like to look at my stats and metals and progress. I bet at least 25% of those boosts are wasted outside of actually playing. 343 needs to make them countdown while in matches only, and at $2 a piece that’s ridiculous. It would be really nice to see something like the Coalition did with Gears 5 where you can buy xp boosts that last for days for that same price. I bet they would sell a whole lot more of them.

And I believe its gametype exclusive because I’ve noticed the weapon lockers can have mangler one time and plasma pistol another

This is my thought on the whole store and battlepass tbh.
If the battlepass is too grindy and doesn’t feel rewarding (like it does now) then it may sell well first time round as the game capitalizes on the hype, but when season 2 rolls around everyone will remember how terrible the s1 battle pass was and not buy s2. In fact they’ll probably still be working towards finishing s1 at the rate the grind goes. There’ll be 1 round of purchases and then a massive drop-off as there’ll be no repeat custom.

BUT if the battle pass is fun and you get a real sense of progression, then people will look forward to the next season pass. Maybe they’ll sell fewer challenge swappers and xp boosts and level skips now, but they’ll keep a continuous fanbase that buy season passes.

Same thing with most store items. People might buy one, but then they realise how limited it is (short xp boosters, challenge swaps that really don’t help at all, armour coatings that only work on 1 type of armour, etc) and then they’ll be hesitant to buy anything more. Big starting sales, low repeat sales. This approach might work if things were cheap enough that you don’t mind purchasing lots of little things, but at the high prices you’d expect way more value from it.

At least the emblems seem to be pretty flexible.

For clarity: I have bought the battle pass (and am disappointed in how the progression works. massively fun game - massively unfun progression) and unless I see changes I’ll be extremely hesitant buying any other items, including future battle passes.
I don’t mind paying for things in an f2p game, but I do expect more value out of anything that costs money (and there should be more free unlocks to keep ppl without money engaged and progressing too)

My wife and daughter mentioned the same thing. They have their characters in H5 set as the female body type and found it strange to be missing from Infinite. I just shrugged my shoulders as I don’t have an answer. In my opinion, Halo 5 did it well.

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Microsoft/343 need to realise, a lot of us simply can’t do this. If you can only get in an hour a night, at best, then maybe some extra on the weekend or holidays, it’s simply too much. I had a game of Warzone - Warzone Firefight, every chance that I could. I’m still only at 148, 152 is simply never going to happen. I have been unbelievably busy with the cattle over the last few weeks and have barely had a chance to even do some practice. I am very impatient, for the campaign. Maybe that will suit me better.


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Just joined, and left immediately over ten matches before giving up trying to complete a Stronghold based challenge. I used my swaps on other very unfun challenges.

This is the lamest progression system. Solely using challenges where you can only have a max of 4 to accomplish at one time is too bottlenecking. I have excellent matches where I get no reward for it other than 50 XP from just playing.

I have quickly lost incentive to just play the game because the juicy fruit of new unlocks and customization are dangled in front of me with no practical way of attaining them. The challenges should be a bonus XP and not the main source, simple as that! No need to reinvent the wheel here. Tell the one person who’s idea it was, thanks for trying and you made your mark but it was horribly implemented. I can’t help but imagine for those who have seen “Mythic Quest” it’s a classic struggle of how can we make it fun for players and milk their attention and wallets for everything.

Even though I also feel a sting regarding the fact that Battle Pass seems to be the only way to unlock most customizations, I actually agree to the majority of this post. the 1000XP gap between each is great and the progress isn’t that bad tbh. I do feel however, that there should be a seperate ranking system, aside from the BP, just for bragging and nothing else.

Indeed; definitely the worst part is that progression now explicitly conflicts with playing the objectives. It actively discourages players from playing the objectives and I’ve clearly seen this in action. At the very least, playing the objectives and winning matches should earn XP. I like having the challenges, but them being the only way to gain XP is not a viable progression model.


EXP earning is not to slow. Its linear, thats the only problem here.

It should be:
first levels easy to level up, last levels very hard to level up

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It doesn’t have to be this way, but I would be okay with it just for now because I only really want the ODST stuff around levels 62-70 somethin’. Lol.

Battle pass is kind of expensive for my taste especially how slow it is to level up and unlock items. IMO the battlepass gimmick doesn’t fit with Halo.

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