EXP earning is way too slow

343 the challenge to rank up system is making this game much less fun
I’m barely contributing to the match because i wanna rank up
So I find myself just sitting around waiting for a opportunity for a challenge
This system sucks


I’m sure, they will be fix that.

While I appreciate the tweak made to make progression easier, there are still some Challenges that are next to impossible without hours of grinding. For example, the Throwing Shade challenge is only possible on one map (Deadlock), there is only one Shade turret per side and the Shade is slow to kill. Worse still, the Shade Turret never respawns on this map, so you have to be the first of your team of 12 people to get to it and then hope your enemies stick around in range before the turret is destroyed because it will never come back. Getting 1 kill this way is understandable, but 15? That would take days! 343, please review challenges such as Throwing Shade and the also frustrating, It Bears Repeating.

Even a slight quick fix would help to this issue. Just add a second challenge that immediately renews after every game:

Win any game - 50 XP

I don’t understand why this wasn’t in the game on Day 1. Getting “double” the XP from winning the game would encourage people to do something else than just chase challenges and it would reward people from playing better.

Sounds like you didn’t focus on the challenges the whole time for it to take you that long.

I have an unpopular opinion regarding Halo Infinite’s Battle Pass. It’s not that bad.

As someone who has a few hours to play most weeknights I did not have very much trouble outside of glitched challenges completing the first weeks weekly challenges. Most of them I completed without putting in a specific effort to do so. As of right now I’m on Battle Pass level 14 which feels pretty O.K. considering that’s more than 1/10th of the Battle Pass levels, at this rate I’d complete the Battle Pass in less than 8 weeks.

Many people are making suggestions that would not fit the model 343i has put in place, such as time-in-match and xp per activity (kill, objectives, medals, etc…). The way Battle Passes work in MCC and other games is to increase the amount of XP required for each subsequent level. In Halo Infinite it appears to be a flat 1,000 XP per level, whether that’s level 1 or level 99. To fundamentally change the way XP is earned would require a reworking of this XP amount or an earning system that fits within it which would itself necessitate earning minimal amounts of XP per activity. When making these suggestions I don’t see anyone mentioning how this would affect the time to complete, or what they’d change the rewards for daily/weekly challenges to.

I think the thing I appreciate the most about this Battle Pass system is its fairness. Don’t get me wrong, it feels sluggish and I’d benefit immensely from earning XP on the basis of performance. I often outperform my team if not the entire lobby. Making each Battle Pass level 1,000 XP makes the completion of each level take relatively the same amount of time instead of burning through the beginning levels before the later levels take progressively longer to complete. I have to say I prefer this progression or lack thereof when compared to other games Battle Passes. This isn’t an RPG and I like that each subsequent reward requires the same amount of XP as the one before it.

I grew up on Halo CE, 2 and 3. Halo Infinite is the first game in the series since Halo 3 that I can see myself playing for years to come. I’ve been playing Halo Infinite to play Halo, not progress a Battle Pass. In my mind this Battle Pass is fine as is, my larger gripe is that it appears to be the only way to obtain armor components. If you’re enjoying Halo Infinite’s gameplay, but the Battle Pass progression is turning you off then you may want to examine whether you’re actually enjoying the gameplay. I’ve never played a game just to unlock Battle Pass levels, my reward for playing well is being good at the game and winning matches, everything else is just gravy.

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It’s intentionally a grind to encourage you to just buy the levels with real money.


Agreed. I’m having fun with the game, but the XP progress is so frustrating.

As an example, My final upcoming weekly was “Kill three flag carriers” Something I had done a ton of times in the hours leading up to it, problem is it was in the “Upcoming” category. So none of the previous CTF games counted toward it. Not to mention my other uncompleted challenges that I literally have done before they entered the “Current challenges” list.

I have no idea if there are technical challenges to making the current challenges list longer, but if all the weekly challenges could be current challenges at the same time, it would be a lot less frustrating.

The moment to moment gameplay is the most fun I’ve had in a multiplayer mode in a long while, but the XP situation needs some work.


Exactly, and this is something MCC got right with their challenges.


Hello 343, are you not there? Do you not hear that your progression is trash. Do you not see that I and many others are not spending any money on the game. Also the game is dying because of this money grab.

HELLO!! Do you hear us or are you just flat out refusing. What is the damn matter.

Halo didn’t make millions of dollars before because of micro transactions and -Yoink!- progression, why is it part of this formula now. wtf is the matter with you.


I don’t know if anyone else here is having better luck this week, but in one hour I blitzed through 4 Fiesta Challenges and 4 regular Weekly challenges. I popped an XP booster (didn’t buy it) and in one match I earned 1700 XP and in the next I earned 1100 XP. My upcoming weekly challenges are also a cakewalk.

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I’m looking forward to getting home from work and trying it out. It does sound like an improvement over the regular XP at least.

It does sound like an improvement over the regular XP at least.

So last week I had a challenge to get 10 kills with the pistol. This week I got one that required 5 kills, so it seems the “get kills with specific weapons” were slashed. Today I had the following challenges (which I completed in one hour)

  • Get 10 assists x2
  • Kill Spartans x2
  • Get a Perfect Medal
  • Get a Double Kill
  • Get three melee kills
  • Play 2 Fiesta Games
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It’s awful. It’s so disappointing what’s happened to multiplayer games in the last seven or so years. I appreciate opening up Halo to more people than ever before through all the supported platforms and Game Pass, but going F2P seems, as a rule, to prey on people by pressuring them to pay to progress and express themselves.

Infinite’s current progression system doesn’t respect people’s time which is about the worst offense a game can really make. The challenge system had me joining games and immediately quitting to make sure I got the correct game mode to complete a specific challenge, it had me playing wrecklessly trying to get no scopes, backsmacks, whatever. This means I let my teammates down either by quitting on them or feeding the enemy team kills in failed attempts at specific behaviors.

It’s a mess and really bad vibes. 343 has made a phenomenal game that feels wonderful and looks amazing, but much like Halo 5, it’s wasted on ugly monetization and grinding that compromises the entire experience. People are going to burn out unless things are completely overhauled.


Infinite’s current progression system doesn’t respect people’s time which is about the worst offense a game can really make

Have you tried out this week’s challenges? I think I completed like, half my weekly challenges in a single hour.

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Sounds like things are looking up. And really, I have hope for Infinite considering how 343 managed to come back from the launch of MCC.

I just wanted to voice my experience and add to the feedback.

The part I don’t understand is that if the gameplay is good, and nothing is pay-to-win, why do people care about the cosmetics and progression this much? I’ve never put time into a game for the sake of “progression” or to dress up my player-model in a first-person shooter where I can’t even appreciate those cosmetics all that much.

The Xbox 360 released, I got the hot newness, and what did I do with? I played Halo 2 for a thousand more hours until Halo 3 came out. There was no progression as we understand it today, there were no more DLC map packs, the game was essentially done and I was still playing it along with everyone else I knew both in-person and online. I think if your only purpose playing a FPS is to level-up a progress bar I’d rather the progression system turn you off the game so you stop playing a game you don’t actually enjoy and go do something you do enjoy.

If I burnout on Halo Infinite it won’t be the progression system or the predatory monetization. I know how to keep my wallet closed, I don’t need to unlock every item. If I burnout on Halo it will be because they fail to add new maps and matchmaking playlists. I’m still playing Rocket League 6 years after release, more than ever really, nothing has fundamentally changed about the game other than seasons and battle passes that I don’t pay any mind to. I still play ranked matchmaking and customs with friends. Once Halo Infinite has Forge I imagine it will be very much the same experience of ignoring the seasons and Battle Pass and enjoying the actual game. Until Forge I’ll play Halo when I feel like it, if it feels “like a job” as so many people have expressed then you’re not playing the game, you’re too busy “progressing” to enjoy it.

I don’t think there’s been a single Battle Pass progression system in any game where I’ve said “That’s fun!” It’s just the latest in a long line of monetization schemes for games that should have just upped the base price years ago but were too scared of losing out on players. Until then I’m going to enjoy what they made because it’s good, give valid criticism where it’s warranted and worry less about how they’re making the money needed to keep the servers on and new content coming so long as it doesn’t veer into pay-to-win territory.

I agree as well. In my opinion:
25exp base game reward (there for those thrown into a mid game that ends seconds later)
50exp for participation and team is at a loss
100exp for participation and team is at a win
+variable exp per medal , K/D ration , Objectives Accomplished.

Max EXP per match 250exp-500exp. Total of 2-4 games to clear a pass level if you are skilled. Longer if you have some bad luck.

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Not caring about customization is fine. But just because it’s not important to you doesn’t mean it’s not important to other people. Are you telling me you wore only default armor in Halo 3 and never went out of your way to unlock different armor pieces? If so, wow, I guess.

The fact of the matter is that Halo Infinite is constantly showing you your Spartan. In the menus, at the start and end of every game, in the tutorial, etc. It’s not an accident. They know people take pride in their in-game appearance. It sets them apart from other players, and can offer a goal to work towards. It certainly did for me back in earlier games.

Modern games count on that and exploit it through astronomical grind with MTX as the only alternative. You can’t expect people not to chafe when they’re made to toil or pay (or, in the case of Infinite, toil AND pay) for that fulfillment.

No, it doesn’t affect how the game plays. But it’s part of the game.

As for progression more generally, both Reach and MCC have infinitely superior systems to what we have now. There were already models in this series for how to handle it, but they chose this instead and it deserves to be criticized.

By all means, enjoy the game. I enjoy it quite a bit myself in the moment-to-moment play.
Don’t ever pay attention to either your or any other Spartan, if that’s honestly how you play.
But don’t act like this isn’t something that matters to people and that ought to be improved.


I am experiencing the same problem. Whether it’s just because I’m getting older, with failing eyesight and aching knuckles, Infinite is my worst PvP yet. I have mucked around with FOV, sensitivity, blah blah, but still go bad.

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