EXP earning is way too slow

That is very good to hear.


Honestly, the most frustrating part is just how blatant it is that they did it on purpose so you’d spend money on swaps and level skips.


It’s very obvious they did this system to make money. But didn’t they also say in the distant pass that you wouldn’t be able to buy tiers with real money? Could’ve swore they did.


Wow I haven’t played yet but this sounds like bull****


Never would have been performance based. Baddies would have cried too much. It’s either XP from challenges, do from completing matches, or a combo of both. We will never get xp from going 24-5 and all the medals we accumulated in game.


I can only speak for myself here, but I’d have no problem whatsoever with a hybrid system using both.


You can pay for levels, want to guess why the system is so slow?


agreed, its too slow its gonna take me all day to reclaim Emile’s helmet.


If it only goes up to SR130 it won’t be so bad :slight_smile:


Ok - yes, XP progression is slow because you can, at this time, only earn XP via challenges. Yes, this feels like a soft push on microtransactions; probably because it’s a free game.

Now that said, the development team has already addressed this issue. It was addressed in The Preview 2 Outcomes blog post here: halowaypoint (dot) com/news/tech-preview-2-outcomes

Specifically, they stated:

*Beyond that, there’s been a large number of requests for an additional career progression system. We want this too and it’s our team’s top priority, but doing it right will take time and that may mean it won’t come as quickly as many of you would like. As we look at what our team needs to build, adding an entirely new progression system on top of everything else is a lot. Building a progression system with solid design, good implementation, top-tier UXUI presentation, thorough testing, and time for polish will take some time and we want to do it right.

While this is a ways away, please understand that outside of continuing to support the basic needs of each Season and finishing up existing work that’s already been started, building additional progression systems and improving the areas mentioned above are the Live Team’s top priorities.

So yes - progression gripes have been noted. They will be addressed.


that’s a shame, even medals can’t help you rank up, nor your position on the leaderboard from a ingame match.


Somebody already has - the achievement complete the battle pass says that 0.01% of players have completed this.

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guess they didnt wanna wait days of progression and buy their way out


I’ve played 12 games and I’m half way between level 1 and 2, and it does not feel good or rewarding.

I’m really loving the game, fortunately the game play is enough to be bringing me back, but yeah the progression is incredibly slow and unfulfilling.

Could they at least add XP for a win? Or double XP on any challenges you completed if you win?


that’s another problem, they wont let us play certain gamemodes, only for CUSTOM MATCHES!- hope they’ll fix it soon


That doesn’t sound like a solution at all.

I want to earn XP from just playing a match, they make it sound like they’re just wanting to make easier challenges.


It is really boring. I’ll stick to the MCC for the multiplayer.

Everything looks great but these challenges kill the joy to progress through the battlepass. :confused:


These quotes are in reference to building an entirely different and separate progression system, like player ranks such as private, sergeant, general, etc. Not the battle pass one. It’s not related to the challenge system.


I don’t understand why they just don’t copy the challenge system from MCC. I’d be fine with challenge only progression if were like those.


I’m probably going to get some flack by saying this, but I’m getting flashbacks to Destiny with these challenges.

They aren’t fun and detract from the core gameplay of play to win the match. What if I don’t want to use a certain gun or vehicle. Now we have to use a gun/vehicle we don’t particularly like, which hurts our performance, and our team will probably lose because of it.

You could argue that “you will eventually finish these challenges,” sure. But that doesn’t solve the unrewarding experience of no EXP at the end of a round. Hey you got a triple kill? A killtacular? Good stuff, here’s 0 EXP!