EXP earning is way too slow

Earning EXP through challenges goes way WAAAAY too slow. I’ve played for 3 hours now and I got just past level 1…

EDIT 30 Nov 2021:

Unyshek has provided an update with another band-aid solution to the larger problem. He notes that they’re aware that a larger solution is needed but that this will help us for now. Check his twitter for more info.

1st Game = 300XP
2nd Game = 200XP
3rd Game = 200XP
4th Game = 100XP
5th Game = 100XP
6th Game = 100XP
7th+ Game = 50XP

We believe this increase will help address those slower initial payouts while also benefiting those of you jumping on each and every day.


Agreed! the game is very fun, but i dont know if i love that challenge base pass! progression is too slow!


I’ve noticed the same thing, this is the slowest progression I’ve ever seen in a game. This is the worst progression system I’ve ever seen in the game. Who thought it was a good idea to limit XP to challenges and not in game performance?


This challenge system is terrible, just like we told 343i in feedback during the tech previews.

It’s insane that I need to play 2 games to even make any progression, and barely any at that. They don;t reward you for playing well and instead encourage you to ignore the game objective and grind challenges.

So while my team may be trying to capture strongholds, I’m just running for the Commando and trying (read: failing) to get kills with it.

It’s a terrible system,


My challenge was: Kill 3 spartans in slayer.

Took me nearly 10 matches to get a slayer game…


They already announced that they are working on a completely alternate progression system, but it will take time to implement.
I think it’s probably going to drop with S2 in May 2022 because I don’t see them go in and swap it out mid season.
I’m kinda disappointed that they will also address things like Forge or Co-Op in 2022 instead of at launch.


Gotta get people to spend money on tiers somehow. This entire system was not designed with the player’s interest in mind, it was designed to milk money,


Obviously it’s slow. It’s intentionally designed to be unbearable so you will cave in and spend more money on microtransactions.

Modern developers just objectively make games worse so you can spend more money.


Yep, but everyone praised it for how “good” it was before ever using it. Not surprised by how annoying it is though.


Agreed, the challenge system is not a deal.

Though the team has responded and indicated there will be changes coming to the XP progression system.


Just spent a whole match of BTB doing nothing but trying to kill an enemy with a fusion core, turns out it only takes shields down on a direct hit. These challenges are already infuriating.


They announced in their Tech Preview 2 Update that they will be adding per match xp in a later update or next season.


Really not a fan of how inane and obscure most of the challenges are; there’s a mangler on, what, two maps?


It’s also pretty annoying that you can’t see/track the challenges while you are in a match.


I just played 3 matches of BTB and only got enough XP to get 1/3rd of a level. This progression is a -Yoink!- joke.


Agreed. Very slow and it feels like I can’t play how I want if I want to actually progress.

Also, what is the point is the XP Boosts? Am I going to have to time it right to make sure it’s active when I complete a challenge….

Not very well thought out at all. XP per match would be much better.


Everyone is running around trying to do their challenges and not participating in the objective unless they have a challenge for it. GG 343.


Challenges need to be broader like 10 kills in slayer should be 10 kills
kills with gungose should be kills with vehicle
kills with commando rifle should be rifle kills
just would give more options to complete challenges


What? You mean you don’t love being forced to grind modes and weapons you don’t necessarily like in a playlist that might not give you what you need? You don’t love having your progress time-gated by arbitrary developer decisions in hope that you’ll break out your wallet and give them more and more money? /s

I’m astounded that ACTIVISION and Call of Duty have a better Battle Pass progression (aside from the limited time) than Halo. At least there you can play whatever you want, however you want, as much as you want and progress.


Last time I played Call of Duty I was getting like 60% of a battlepass level every match. Halo Infinite currently gives you multiple fractions of that. It’s insane how bad it is.