EXP Cap? what is it?

Whats the EXP Cap? I keep reaching it.

My friend keeps changing timezones to bypass it but im afraid if i do it I’ll get a reach deal and get reset.

probably too early to get reset, but the exp cap is stupid if 123 industries knew they had double exp on the line, so should have doubled the exp cap accordingly…

I reach the cap way to quickly and im not even using the Double EXP things, I play with my friends and we reach the limit so fast we get all sad faced :frowning:

This has to be the most stupid thing ever in gaming. Why is there a cap on how much xp i can gain in a period of time?? Its my game right i play it all day so… why the cap? i hit this cap in a matter of hours so the rest of the day is boring playing another countless amount of games to gain nothing… really makes me irritated

idk whts up with this cap it got me temp ban for some reason.

me and my friends have hit the cap every day within 2 - 3 hours each day and we spend the rest of our day doing nothing… a lot of my friends have said they are going to sell halo 4 if they don’t make some major changes within the next 2 weeks I.E: swat and different game modes. also they said that the changes to the weapons and the constant lagg during games that rarely occurred during games in reach is a making halo 4 a disgrace. Personally I would like to agree as the lagg during games is not our connections its the connection to the servers. I know this because me and my friends were in a group and we all got kicked from a game and it took my friends 1 hour just to get the halo servers connected again. I really like the idea for halo 4 and I like a lot of it but simple carelessness and lack of pre-thought is making me want to throw my game out the window and then send my xbox following because I let myself play the game.

To me this game would be much better if they took this damn cap away and added the good ol action sack,swat,team snipers and team objective stuff from the older halos. I read somewhere else there is a cap to stop people from boosting and stuff. But i really dont care if they do haha we all get the same guns and stuff they will just have a legendary k/d i just want to play my game and level up but i can’t. Which kinda makes me wanna take it right back to the store but im going to give them time see if they get their act together and listen to what we have to say. But i doubt it