Exotic Weaponry: Spicing Up the Sandbox

I hope that with this new Halo, 343 brings us more imaginative weapons to play around with. Judging from concepts that we saw and heard about leading up to the release of Halo 4, they did have some interesting designs that were abandoned because of focus testing. I love the whole assembling nature of the Promethean armaments, but, fundamentally, they were guns we’ve been playing around with for years.

Please give us more out of the box alien and human designs. Push your imagination, and trust that we - the fans - will understands its place within the sandbox. If you just give us another rifle, or SMG, or Shotgun, it won’t do anything to spice up the sandbox.

Even if the weapons aren’t that bizarre, put an interesting spin on the tried and true. I liked the idea of ricocheting bullets for the Scattershot, but they weren’t ever effective. How about alt fire?

I just want to be more excited about the new additions to the sandbox. I’m sure Forerunners can offer up something much more exciting.

Imagine Forerunner tech had two forms - the second would be an ‘alt form’ instead of ‘alt fire’. Rather than, say, a BR having a pro-pipe alt fire which simply requires that you press the alt button; the Forerunner weapon would swiftly disassembles and reassembles into another form, essentially offering a second gun. It would be balanced to compensate for the fact it has that transitioning window, rather than just a simple button press - maybe something a bit more special than the more basic stuff of other weapons. The alt mode’s firepower would make sense for the weapon, though, and not offer something drastically different so even though it’s like having two guns you don’t have the advantage of wielding something that can do too much.

Just an idea.