ExO Delta (BTB clan)

ExO Delta is a skill-based, objective oriented Halo Big Team Battle (BTB) clan, currently active in Halo 4. Founded in 2005 by ExO Virus during the period of Halo 2, ExO is a gaming organization, competitive in the latest Halo game. We are committed to playing 8v8 objective-based Halo BTB games. ExO plays to win the game, whatever objective is available in Halo BTB, cap & defend the flag, hold a territory, plant the bomb, etc. We pride ourselves on teamwork.

ExO is currently recruiting new members, however we are very selective with the players we choose. We have an established recruitment process that best supports our needs. In the end, our leadership structure, High Command, will ultimately determine whether a player earns membership.

If you are interested in more information or would like to join, contact one of these three people (who are our recruitment officers)
Rob 7T, l 5HOCKWAVE l, MR B0ND 007 you may also ask any questions in this thread as I check it everyday. ExO Delta is accepting Halo 4 8v8 clan battle requests; you may contact marcus poloo or Darth Mandrake.


One recruitment thread per clan please.

You can find your original thread here. Thanks.