Exiting a custom game browser match

This may seem like a simple question or even a silly question, but when I go to the custom game browser and I join a game, once I have finished the match, I cannot find an option to leave the game, and it will go through the process of beginning a new match, but for the life of me I cannot find a button that allows me to leave the game.

Even if I go back to the main menu, I cannot start any other game, I can’t enter into any other mode because I’m still in a match, I am really stumped, the only way I can exit the custom game browser and the game mode is to shut off the console. I am on the Xbox. Cheers

Go to fire team, click your name and choose leave. On PC fireteam is, on most screens, bottom right (a symbol of 2 heads - the party). Not sure on console. Was trying to direct my mate last night (on console) and I forget what he said and he isn’t the quickest at finding things. Lol

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