Existing Maps

This is an easy one…why are there maps such as Relay and Settler and they’re NOT in War Games at all? Also, Regnarok is always voted for on CTF. Why? Because it has vehicles…so you have only one vehicle map in the CTF rollout and Ragnarok is ALWAYS voted for because of this? I love vehicles but I am sick of Ragnarok already. It’s so repetitive. You also have the Dominion maps that can be Forged to make amazing CTF maps…why hasn’t this been done yet?

Sorry if this is a repost, as I do not find myself on forums ever really…this is just irritating. Catering must be made to both the hardcore players and the casual players alike. Perhaps make a CTF small CTF large gametype…or large objective, small objective.

By the way, Halo Reach’s objective gametype was AMAZING before almost all of the armor abilities were taken out, territories on Hemorrhage was taken out…you essentially are weeding out what makes Halo, Halo.