Exile needs something

Do you think that the map Exile is unbalanced?

If you spawn near the Gauss Warthog your team can kill who ever tries to get to the tank with ease then dominate the game.

Just my thoughts, what do you think?

That is the point. If you get to the tank first, you can one shot the Gauss. If the Gauss gets to the tank first, it can kill the people trying to get to the tank and possibly take it with a full complement of 3.

There is a reason why the gauss starts on one side and the tank on the other.

I actually think Exile is pretty well balanced as a map. The problem with BTB maps though is the DMR.

That damn gun needs to be toned down. FFS.

Exile needs less Plasma Pistol loadouts… :slight_smile:

Exile’s gotten to the point where I’d rather play Ragnarok over and over instead. It’s the one BTB map I’m not fond of.

First of all, I love this map, its great looks awesome and is great fun, when your not getting spawn killed by the tank and gauss jeep :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that the tank should be placed on neutral ground and both teams are given a gauss jeep.

The team that spawns with the gauss jeep have fast and lethal mobile weapon to get to the tank and kill who ever is trying to get into the tank. They can then defend the tank while team mates get in.

I think that giving both teams a guass jeep and adjusting the area where the tank or players spawn would improve this map and make it a lot more balanced.