Exile=Burial Mounds (inspired)

Ok so the new pix and info on Exile says

“The map Exile depicts a crash site on an unknown, remote world with salvaged parts utilized to create a reinforced base. It is a large-scale map driven towards vehicular combat with strategic CTF play in mind.”

Now anyone who has played Halo 2 will know, Burial Mounds has a somewhat distant but similar back story. Heretics used old Halo parts (after it’s explosion) on Threshold (spelling?) to create a makeshift base.

Things that are the same

Sandy vehicle enviorment

Metallic bases, Make shifted. Although better looking are still the same concept

General size. Even if Exile is probably 25+% bigger

The back story as I just said

So anyone else notice this?

Yeah, it pretty similar in idea. Not much else though.

I thought Exile was the crash site of the UNSC Infinity.
I’ve never played the map you’re talking about.
Though your description of it is very similar to Exile.

Man… The shape of this map is completely different from Halo 2’s burial mounds. This game needs multiple environments.

I think Exile is the baby hybrid of

Burial Mounds
Blood Gulch