Exile - Big Team - Sniper Spawn

I love sniping on Exile, awesome sniping map and basically guarantees me a spree whenever I grab the sniper off spawn.
Question though… After I grab it on the first spawn I literally NEVER get it again. Does it not spawn back in?
I’ve had instances where I run to the other side and the opposing team never picked theirs up but I’ve never seen Sniper respawn on Exile.
I got a bit annoyed and sat by the spawn for like 5 minutes the last game and it never came in. So now I’m here.
What gives?

Usually a beam and a binary rifle will spawn later in the game. The beam will be behind the huge rock near the banshee cave on blue side and the binary will be by the small rock near the man cannon on red spawn.

Thanks buddy, guess I’m not going crazy after all.