Excuse me Mr Red/Blue dude...

Excuse me Mr Red dude but mind giving me a twirl? Would love to look over that armour type as I’m yet to unlock it and want to see if it’ll suit me.
Ooh yes that’s lovely! Does it come in blue?

Lets be honest…NO.

It’s more like: Excuse me Mr Red dude but I think your armour (that I’ve not really noticed) will go great with this foray of bullets shoved in your face asap.

I honestly think that 343 while having done a fairly good job in the appearance and play style of Halo 4 MP have invested far too much energy into the topping. And while a very pretty cake looks edible, if you forget the egg which binds it all together it’ll taste like crap. This leaves everyone nibbling icing and cherries off a dry and tasteless brick.

What do I mean by this?

Well some weapons would be nice. Starting loadouts are pretty standard still lets admit it.

More map variety perhaps? After all, how many maps do you really play in one mode? 2 possibly 3? Of 13 maps in my experience around 6 get used with any frequency despite changing modes.

Customisations are great don’t get me wrong. But when your core gameplay has virtually no difference game after game even the most dedicated will start to get a bit bored.

Why is it in contrast a game as poorly made as COD Black Ops 2 can have consistently high player numbers over it’s first year and beyond?

Well for one thing you can change the way you play the game instantly by changing the loadout you go into battle with. This dramatically changes the way the game feels with each match. And as you progress you know that in almost any mode you will be thrown into a ton of different maps and the variety of playstyle is constantly changing with your new classes.

Far be it for me to defend CODBO2 as I really couldn’t get on with it (Hence I’m here) but Halo really has had enough time now to Evolve. And there really should be more weapons to use and worlds to fight on in an entire galaxy in my opinion.

Then again it could just be me…getting bored.

But all that armor is sooooooo pretty…

I have only a vague idea of what you just complained about…
I agree with more maps being used but the weapons are fine.


It’s not a complaint. It’s an observation.

Change is essential for any franchise as staying the same is not progress and progression is what drives the human race.

If you like Halo the way it is then play an older game. But I for one and I’m sure many others out there want to see a different and hopefully better experience with each new game I play.

My point is that this game while excellent in many ways unfortunately has little to keep you playing. Levelling and some armour unlocks simply don’t cut it.

That means less inspiration to buy DLC and more likelihood of an exchange for a game with a higher replay value.

Like it or not the Halo “hardcore” can not keep the franchise going from the money they will contribute.
To stay alive now games have to appeal to a mass audience or they will fail and we all loose. Developer, hardcore and casual alike.

My observation is offered as suggestion to what keeps the casual gamer playing and more importantly investing. Halo 4 is fun. But not for very long. Above are my reasons why. That is all.

Its the Hardcore fans that always prolong a games life.

Nothing wrong with casuals but its always the hardcore who care the most.

You’re wrong.