Exclusively connecting to US East 2 from EU

I am in the current flight for Halo Reach on XBox One and this is just getting too much to be remotely enjoyable. It doesn’t matter when I play. I did it during the entire first 2 hours of stress testing, played and played and played. I am ONLY being routed to US East 2, except for a single game, which was EU North and was even laggier than the US games!

I am from Germany, so my experience really suffers when I have to play every game with 100+ ping.
To put the icing on the cake, this even happens in normal MCC, and has always happened. I didn’t even know there were servers in EU until now. It’s basically unplayable!

Respectful, the professional player from Str8, has made a video on what is happening. Every game network flow is being directed through a Washington DC relay server, making US East 2 the lowest ping and doubling ping to EU servers for some users, him and me included.
Edit: 343 have confirmed this is NOT the case. What else could it be then?

In the settings menu, this does not show. EU pings are low 10s and 20s. US is 90-130.

Please look into this intensively, as it is literally the entire reason I don’t usually play MCC anymore. It’s just impossible to compete.

the play time’s durring the flight on saturday was also an issue as it was only it PT time zone… meant players like myself in UK had to play from 1am.