Exclusive Halo codes region free?

This is not about Xbox gift cards they still remain region locked.
This is about In-Game Exclusive Legacy Halo DLC and likely most other 360 games out there.
Please keep this thread only about Halo or relating to the same subject to avoid getting locked, thank you.

I understand some people may know this already but I didn’t for some time and only trying to provide more info about this in a public place.

I brought 1 USA + 1 Japanese region legacy Halo codes, I live UK, England and both codes were successfully redeemed. They are region free!

I am a owner of 360 console but redeemed the codes on my phone which still has the old Xbox app with “redeem a code” function.
Since I don’t own a One/Series I thought any future codes especially exclusive stuff should be more safely redeemed through the Microsoft store to register that I own it as 360 gets older and glitches can happen I didn’t want to risk redeeming the old fashioned 360 way and finding out when picking up Series that the DLC didn’t follow in the “manage game” section. Excuse me for explaining all this and why I can’t deliver the full info about these codes because I’m a 360 pleb.
Xbox One/Series are region free for physical game discs and since the old Xbox app accepted two different region codes these consoles shouldn’t be a problem but feel free to confirm if anyone knows for sure as I can’t unfortunately.

Microsoft.com/redeem site seems to be glitched or whatever for 360 in-game codes It wouldn’t accept my legacy Halo codes so try redeeming on your Xbox console preferably Xbox One/Series incase 360 isn’t region free for these type of codes or alternatively if you have the old Xbox app.

I found it very interesting my Japanese promo card with the code has a foreign rating on it but when I check my download history and click on the item for more info it’s rated in my UK PEGI 16, so the system has no idea that it was from outside my region.

Halo: Reach & Halo 4 codes are pretty much useless now with servers closing soon, I think the only way to gain access to your owned Exclusive DLC (H:R, H4) is to completely disconnect your profile from the internet after December 2021.
For those collectors and fans out there of exclusive DLC stuff. To people who couldn’t care about this stuff I understand it’s only cosmetic and doesn’t effect gameplay but people like myself enjoy gaining access to awesome sauce. :green_heart::blue_heart::heart:


I recently purchased 2 x Razer hardware products and was gifted 2 x codes.

I do not want to redeem the codes yet, but i do want to see what the codes provide.

How do i see what is for without redeeming?

Thank you.

Hello ivrytwr3,

The Razor promotions for Halo Infinite rewards are…

  1. “DEATHLY POISON” MARK VII armour coating.
  2. “DEATHLY POISON” BR75 BATTLE RIFLE weapon coating.
  3. “FANGS” nameplate (currently no armour/weapon nor vehicle emblem for Fangs).

If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest about halo cosmetic promos, I have been using a perfect website: haloinfinitenews.com. Click on “Promotions” to find upcoming, current and past Infinite promotions. Have a peak at their discord too… they may ping about giveaways and playdates if you opt in for the right role… this is your choice I’m not forcing you… if you’re serious about collecting cosmetics this is the place you want to be in.

I want to mention this is the legacy forum about older halo games for Xbox 360, for future visitors. I haven’t used waypoint since the big website update, any questions about modern Halo (Xbox Series/One & PC) would be more suited under their forums… and a faster response for current games.

I just randomly looked through waypoint and read this thread by me on my inactive account… glad I could respond to you. If you see any more threads by me I will probably not respond, I don’t use this account any more.

Have a great day buddy! o7

  1. = Included w/ “Kairo Pro - Halo Infinite Edition”
  2. = Included w/ “BlackWidow V3 - Halo Infinite Edition”
  3. = Included w/ “DeathAdder V2 - Halo Infinite Edition”

These all come with a card inside with a redeemable code, as long they are factory sealed to the best of my knowledge it’s certain a card/code is waiting for you. Be sure if you’re a collector that your item has not been opened (after its sale) for your cosmetic piece! Pretty much all codes I can think of are redeemed at halowaypoints “redeem code” system, for Halo Infinite!

haloinfinitenews.com for the latest about Infinite promotions! : )