excited to see new spartan ops

man, i love the plot behind spartan ops. The missions get tedious if you grind them… but what doesnt. Just one more week til new ones.


Anyway, Releasing weekly content for 10 weeks each season is a great idea. Especially since spartan ops season 1 is free. I love that. Season two i hope they dont charge MS points for… like that would honestly deflate alot of its value IMO, like part of it, is playing with other people. And adding a cost to it just seems to limit it TOO much.

spartan ops last 7minutes on the short end for most maps. To maybe 20? if your struggling or its a bigger one. The video i linked states that spartan ops combine with the campaign would soon out number the actual play time of call of duty games like MW3. Thats irrelevant to me, but lots of hours of replay value is awesome. Especially for people who have read the books and know of JUL’s story.