Excited to play and things i think ill hate

For one I am very excited to get my hands on the H5 beta, from how it looks the core gaming mechanics is still Halo. Halo needs to change to keep it alive or else it will just be the same game over and eventually die. That being said two things I hate. Clamber just needs to go, it takes away from the strategic jumping in Halo and that in my opinion is a core mechanic that simply cant change to clambering everywhere. The ads are brutal, yes theyre ads not “smart scope” 343 trying to get fancy with their terminology. The traditional zooms of the DMR and BR are perfectly fine no need to add these ugly looking scopes and delay to scoping in. Originally I thought ground and pound was something I was going to hate but after watching Ninja only get one in 3 or 4 hours of watching it seems to be pretty difficult. Sprint obviously isn’t my favorite thing being a traditional halo player but atleast they are making efforts to balance it. One last thing is it seems like the kill time is pretty quick but wont know till I play.

I mostly agree with what you said, I’m keeping an open mind and I just hope we can get 343 to seriously listen to our feedback.

The scopes aren’t as bad as you think, and ADS isn’t nearly as OP as people are making it out to be. I’m actually starting to like both, and that coming from someone who loves the H2/3 gameplay the most.

You can still dominate without using ADS. I see more people going hip fire in the killcam (I dislike the killcam) than I see going ADS.

Clamber is just a good addition to the game that doesn’t really badly affects most of the gameplay.