Excited for the Halo TV series coming soon

I know it is not going to be canon to the main series. But I dont mind that, if it has a good story then I will enjoy it.

The effects looks nice, music sounds good, and hey the story looks interesting. I think it will be good…

Plus I dont think everything needs to be cannon, we can have things that go “this is not cannon, we just have a story we want to tell”

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There is a show coming out? For real?

Yeah I’m low key excited too. The non-canon-ness of it leaves so much opportunity for something new and intriguing. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but everything I’ve seen this far looks really good.

I’ll watch it. Not sure why Cortana isn’t the blue hologram, kinda sad about that.

She is blue. Just not super blue like the games.

But is she a represented like a hologram?

She looks like a hologram so I’d say yes. We’ll find out soon though.

Cortana’s appearance is a little jarring, but a minor detail tbh. I can look past that.

I was just rewatching the trailer and man, I gotta say, I am legitimately hyped for it. The trailer looks way better than it has any right to. I can only hope the show lives up.

I will say i’ve been pretty negative about this show since rumors first hit on the changes they were making.

That said, the latest trailer does look pretty impressive.

You’re right on everything you said. The trailer does look impressive. Looks like a good “pull up the battle highights on youtube” kind of show.

Changing the show to not be about Master Chief, changing the timeline of Reach…just a few things that make me proud to say I will not be watching this anytime soon…if ever. I have no drive to want to watch it and certainly no drive to subscribe to a streaming platform to watch it.


It looks great, gotta admit it.
Am I remembering wrong, or was Master Chief in one of the books supposed to be this 7 foot tall freakishly pale ginger? (Redhead)
Could see why theyd want to change that.
Im picturing Boban Marjanovic with a shaved red head, rofl

Ummm yes I’m super excited, I don’t mind the Silver canon universe and kind of glad it is. What fun would it be if we already knew scene for scene ahead of watching the show To me that would be totally boring. My only gripe is Cortana looking too human but, I’m so glad Jen Taylor came on pretty much last minute to do the voice over because originally it was going to be the same actor that plays Dr Halsey.

The show is going to be hot garbage. Chief’s origins changed, the timeline is anything you can watch on tv now, so why bother? The books, the games could make great live action but noooooooooooo. Oh and I’m sure the show will focus on someone else instead of chief, he’ll be a side character.


Idk about that. Narrative typically has to adapt to their medium. A 1:1 transition from book to tv or game to movie rarely ever works out just because the narrative structure is different.

Also, I’m excited for the canon change. If it were strict canon their wouldn’t be any surprises. The deviation has me wondering what might happen; what will be different? And I’m excited to find out.

Expanding the story beyond chief’s perspective is also something I never minded when they did it in Reach, Guardians, and most of the books.

I’m increasingly optimistic as the release date gets closer. Those trailers look fantastic.

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How much you guys being paid to talk about how great its going to be?

Theyre making a show that appeals to everyone but Halo fans. Its crazy. They didn’t even play the games. Its a slap in the face to even casual halo fans.

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It sucks to be in the U.K. right now! Although - I have a cunning plan!

Just finished watching the first episode and boy oh boy, I am super IMPRESSED!!

My biggest concern wasn’t the silver Timeline but rather worried it was going to be cheesy like a CW show and with in the first five minutes my worries were gone when I watched a helpless colonist head get melted by a plasma rifle!!
I won’t say anything else but at least watch it before you trash talk it.

This show is dope as FUuuudge!!

To the all the haters out there, this is your lost for not watching!

I wonder how many U.K. users will be turning on their VPN this evening or waiting for other means now it’s gone live.

Not having this go live across the world is total madness.