Excited for Forge

Can’t wait to start creating maps forge looks so good I wanna recreate locations from Halo CE like the swamp at the beginning of the flood mission or any of the snowy areas Im so excited found a video were someone made a pack-a-punch machine like in call of duty zombies

Like I know I should hold back a bit wait till it comes out just feels so refreshing to see something so good finally feel like the wait will have been worth it for forge they still got many problems but I think forge will be a good start all be it like a year wait but I’ll take it


Lets Just hope the Forge world template will be as amazing as the Toolset.

We’ll need a good large forge world like in Reach.


I’m super hopeful and longing to see what the finished product is around Forge. I believe!

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You wont be excited when you find out its monetized.
343i want you to pay to create games & maps for them lol

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What 343 has done so far has literally killed any excitement I had prior to Infinite being released.

From all the talk prior about what Infinite was going to be like I did have some hope, thinking to myself they might have actually learned a little bit from their previous titles, but the truth is, they ignored everything they did wrong and made things 10 times worse. So instead of trying to design a Halo game and improve things, they designed their own frankenstein and it’s falling apart.

The quote above seems to hold more truth then some are willing to admit given 343 actions so far that has been in plain sight since launch. I mean, they even attempted to use “severs” as an excuse to use the shop as they have so far and even went against their own words of adjusting prices bringing things back up to the over priced shop, but the game is majorly lacking content, has major issues, and it’s not even anywhere near to becoming a complete games as other developers have produced.

If this very poor action takes place Infinite will be the first game I have ever un-installed since 2007 and stopped playing for good. Even though the OP that posted the quote above is laughing, it’s not funny at all that 343 stepped over the line taking advantage of their fans.


If the game is profitable than it’s a success. Unfortunately, for die hard fans (myself included) this type of game is hugely incomplete with blaring issues. When you are fortunate enough to play with friends it does make the game a touch more enjoyable.

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I may have typed “lol” but I don’t think its funny, it was a sarcastic lol.
If they monetise forge I think there will be a huge backlash, currently the game at the moment is struggling in so many ways if they do this to forge I think it will be the final nail in the coffin for many halo players/fans.

Gamers are sick to the back teeth getting nickel & dimed in games especially half finished broken games, factor in the current world situation with the cost of living rising, people aren’t going to be wasting as much money in games as they used too.

343i is about three years too late, totally behind the curve.

As I said, if this happens?

Look at BTB, still has unbalanced weapon spawns & vehicle drops on some maps, all maps originally were like this when game shipped, why?
Revolving weapon sets on maps, why?
I would put my money on high turn over of staff, staff that don’t have experience with FPS games, staff that prolly got into the gig via mobile gaming (Look at the UI) using 343i as a stepping stone to build their resume.

Because they don’t have enough people with experience to work/create/play/test different maps/modes that understand the nuances like map balance/flow, weapon placements/vehicle placements in FPS.
Their possibly going to use the games community to do the work for them whilst charging them for it to try save the game lol.

Now maybe it wont be monetized but its 343i, when do they make good decisions & halo is now a free to play game supposedly a live service with a shop so I wouldn’t be surprised if it is.
And if it is, I think this will be the last bad decision made by 343i & the last halo game they will make.

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Ya seeing all the videos on youtube. They look great! Just wish I had forge now!
I will try to make a Diamomdback map from Halo Online. Rumour has it there will be a Avalanche map coming soon.

I just hope we can delete some of the kill and soft barriers in stock maps so we can put them where we want.

I have some awesome ideas for the stock BTB maps.

Peace! :fist_right: :fist_left:

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I’m just trying to think of how they’ll screw it up/try to be anti consumer with it

The sad thing is success in gaming is based off of money, and the quality of the work can be garbage and they still call it “success”.

That’s flawed logic at it’s best knowing mobile games are garbage and they are more financially successful then 343 will ever be. This world is stupid…


It’s all good, I was just using the quote because of how wrong 343 actions will be if it takes place, and it will show how little respect they have for the player base as a costumers vs the original bungie that I have a lot more respect for as a developer.

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I literally could not agree with you more about this. The system is very strange and frustrating all at the same time.

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I’m a little concerned about whether or not it will perform well on the original Xbox One and if it doesn’t, will it have a negative impact on those of us who are using other platforms. I’m on the series X myself and I don’t want to see the app delayed because it won’t work on the basic Xbox One. Anyone remember how prone the pre-patch version of H5 forge was to crashing?

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Well when they said it would release as a beta first i kinda have no doubts there will be bugs hopefully it does rin well on everything that would be best

They wouldn’t dare,
The game would immediately die just on the ground that not even the DieHard 343i apologists would not be able to take any ethical stance.

Its bad enough that over 95% of content in multiplayer is paywalled.
But to have the critical community feature that made Halo as popular as it is paywalled too?

God no,
Review bombed into obscurity.


I’ll die from laughter if they do. I doubt they would but then again 343 has done so much dumb sh*t lately that I don’t think it’s 100% impossible lol

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