Excited About the Upcoming Forerunner Book

I got super excited at the upcoming Forerunner book and decided to write a mini Forerunner transmission. I kind of imagine this message on eternal repeat in some secluded corner of the universe. As far as I know, this fits into the very vaguely-defined Forerunner cannon.

[Error: Relay not found.]

[Reinitializing Transmission Program . . .]


[Language synthesis code 47 62 945. Loading idiomatic projections . . .]


[Begin Broadcast.]

Attention sentient. This is a broadband cycling message. If you have developed the technology to receive broadcasts on any electromagnetic frequency, you are hearing this.

Know that what we did, we did for your own good.

I am [untranslatable], First in Science of the race you may know as Forerunners. If you already know of us, I pray this message does not come too late.

We are Forerunners, for we come before you all. You bipeds, annelids, arthropods, and synthetics. Is this message comes too late, I pray you have developed synthetics. I believe that they will be the eventual key to finishing our task. I stake the future of life on that hope.

Know that what we did, we did for your own good.

We destroyed you. We . . . no, I destroyed you. Understand that there was and still is no other option. The [unstranslatable] Flood Organism was—is—too dangerous. When I realized what it was—what it truly was—I knew it had to be destroyed.

It is a biophage, a living virus that systematically destroys all life and replaces it with itself. It is a threat to the universe no matter how small the host. That is what I tried to convince my peers of, but alas, they would not listen. I tried to take matters into my own hands. I attempted to modify the annihilators to purge all life instead of just sentients. Only then could we truly eliminate the threat of the Flood. For my actions, I was demoted, removed from the Halo project and put on the Regenesis program under strict supervision.

Even there, I knew my duty. My fellows would not destroy all life and thus could not truly destroy the Flood. If it would not be destroyed, then I would make sure it would never again reach the stars.

Know that what we did, we did for your own good.

And I am sorry for it. I hope you will understand and forgive me so that I may one day be redeemed. If you were allowed to reach the stars, then you would someday certainly reach the secret places where the Flood no doubt sleeps, waiting for the flesh it needs. You are curious and innovative, and you would surely once more set it free upon a helpless universe.

So I have taken the stars from you. My fellows do not know of this, and if they did, no doubt I would be branded a greater monster than the Flood itself.

Raised hormonal output, increased coding for territorial behavior, aggression, dominance—all my tools. In many of you it was present already, and only a slight nudge was needed, in some no changes were necessary at all. You will fight. You will kill. You will war. You will consume resources faster than you can expand. Before you reach the outer limits of your solar systems, your civilizations will collapse, devouring themselves from within. You will never know the stars, you will never reach the Flood.

The Flood will not be released—it will never devour the universe and destroy you all.

Know that what I did, I did for your own good. You will kill yourselves. You will kill yourselves because I love you.

[Draft coding complete.]

[Sequence packaging . . . complete.]

[Transmitting . . . error.]

[Transmission error. Relay point not found.]

[Began retransmission count 2.]

[Transmission error. Relay point not found.]

[Relay point error. Upload coordinate strata.]

[Please select new relay point coordinates . . . ]

[Please select new relay point coordinates . . . ]

[Please select new relay point coordinates . . . ]

[Error. Relay not found.]

[Reinitializing transmission program . . . ]


[Language synthesis code 47 62 946. Loading idiomatic projections . . .]

With the underlying concept coming from Cortana’s description of the inevitability of War for the human race as she described it in Halo: Legends.

Basically I tried to reconcile the Fermi Paradox (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fermi_paradox) in the Halo universe, and theorized that the presence of Forerunner artifacts, especially in terms of the Sangheli and Sanshuum, helped races get out into space before collapsing on themselves.

So in this little transmission, this unnamed Forerunner is venting a bit of guilt and explaining that he pre-programmed self-destructive tendencies in all the resurrected races to keep them from getting off their planets and to the flood. Obviously, he didn’t account for all the Forerunner artifacts lying around.

Oh, those messy Forerunners. For a race that could sweep the universe of intelligent life, and major Flood incursions, they didn’t do a fantastic job of cleaning up their tech.

Pretty cool stuff, man! Nicely written. :slight_smile:


Well written.