Excited about movement capabilities of Halo 5

There is a cutscene towards the end of Halo Wars where Sgt. Forge is on a platform along with some Spartans fighting some Elites, and the Spartans pull off some cool moves. They don’t just shoot some guns. So I think it’s great that 343 are evolving the gameplay of Halo by adding some new moves. It makes things more interesting and keeps things fresh.

Edit: I didn’t mean to sound like I expect Halo 5 to have moves in the multiplayer like those in the cutscene. I don’t expect that at all. That section of the cutscene was cool. And the direction of adding some new moves to Halo 5 (though not the same as Halo Wars) is really cool. I think some thought that I was thinking the two would mirror each other. Sorry. I noticed in some other forum topics and posts some people don’t like some of the changes and additions like sprint. But I think sprint is great. I think it’s important to push gameplay forward.

Yeah it’s pretty cool. Unfortunately there is no move where you can flip over an enemy and shoot them. Would be cool though!

From the E3 footage, Vale does the same exact thing to an Elite at some point in Halo 5. Spartans do love their flippy tricks.

Well, I don’t think we’ll be able to go flipping around the battlefield in actual gameplay like you see characters doing in cutscenes… XD
But yeah, I do still love the new movement options they’ve added to ‘Halo 5’ and I look forward to seeing how this changes the way we can explore the levels.

The abilities are gonna make for some fun multiplayer matches

That Would be Epic In Multiplayer O_O, Though Highly Unlikely, I’m Still Excited About The Abilities That Have Been Announced.

Probably going to get old really fast just like armor abilities did, but that’s just me.

Oddly this is the one feature of Guardians that I’m not excited about. Go figure.

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> Probably going to get old really fast just like armor abilities did, but that’s just me.

Idk it probably won’t because its going to be part of the gameplay (like sprinting) and people are going to get really used to it.