Evolution of Machinima (in general) for the Halo games

Over the years, machinima have been wildly used in variety. Thanks to RoosterTeeth starting the ball rolling with Blood Gulch chronicles, the use of looking down to cease fire and another player’s view for filming, topping it off with editing which removes HUD and enhanced audio.

This was carried over in Halo 2 with the help of cease fire button(Hold down left trigger when no grenade or press down on D-pad) and in Halo 3, in ODST and in Reach with various weird button combos(Why bungie?) and the help of Forge and Theater mode, more talents were found over the web.

But in Halo Wars… Very few have come up with Machinima. No detached camera, no replay mode and NO FORGE!!!
So far, this is the standard for machinima in Halo Wars:


But after some discovery (yes, don’t laugh! I still play Halo Wars, so what?) I discovered a method of possibly improving machinima efforts in the RTS Halo Wars! And I believe I am the first to find out! Take a look at this poorly captured machinima using what I call the “Geo-scope”- Scoping into the geometry.


Apparently no capture card. But I think for the people who do, this is the right step for machinima in Halo Wars! Now we can film bigger battles that way! So I hope everyone enjoys this nifty trick and more importantly, have a great day. Thanks for reading!