Evolution of loadouts

Look loadouts were a good thing in reach, but let’s take it a step further. What if in halo 4, you can customise your loadouts!?!?

Obviously, we would have to make all the weapons more similar, but in the end it would work out. Why focus on placing Items around the map, when instead you could focus on making the empty map better??

Now obviously power weapons you would still have to find, but for the most part you make your own class to fit your play-style.

Mine for example would be a pistol, a grenade launcher, and sprint.

What about yours?

I call for the EXTINCTION of loadouts.

They cause the game to be glitchy and are unnecessary.

An absolute waste of code and game integrity.

No,then people would cry even more.
But, that really would not work in a halo game.

> I call for the EXTINCTION of loadouts.
> They cause the game to be glitchy and are unnecessary.
> An absolute waste of code and game integrity.

How do they cause the game to be glitchy?

Loadouts were the worst thing in Reach. Get rid of them all together.

What makes Halo, Halo is the fact that everybody starts off with the same weapon and an even footing, having to fight over map positioning and power weapons.

Loadouts, and to go even further, customizable loadouts would make Halo very similar to CoD. I, for one, do not want that to happen; I want Halo to go back to being Halo.

as long as they contribute to the quality of the game.

No, Halo has always been about everybody starting out on even grounds, same advantages and disadvantages asides from skill, making that the determining factor in who wins and who loses. That is why loadouts should not be in Halo 4, especially not everybody having their own custom loadouts.

Now, the only gametype where loadouts were a good addition was for Invasion, which is the only gametype in which I would want to see the return of them.

First and foremost: Loadouts should not be a dominate feature in MP.

Secondly to take Loadouts further, they need to stop being a half and half version of classes and go the full way.

Things like editable player traits when using a particular Loadout.

Nix loadouts, I say.

So basically, you’re asking to take out the majority of weapons and items available on the map, and moving them all into a customizable loadout that you can choose to spawn with… Do you realize that you’re asking for Halo to stop being Halo?

… Or, we could get rid of loadouts, and actually make an attempt to save what is Halo.

I do like loadouts in Halo, but I don’t want the ability to be able to customize your own, you should only work with the loadouts the game gives you directly preceding or during a match.

No. =)

As nerdy as this may sound i’m part of a halo clan and NOT 1 NOT A SINGLE 1 of us or ANY of our competeing clans like any of the armor abilitiy’s. Armor abilitiy’s RUIN halo do you have any idea how many people stoped playing halo due to the sheer amount of BS that was caused by AA’s? a crap ton i don’t know the exact amount but if you doubt me i’m sure it wont be hard to find a chart the supports what i’m saying.


and NO loadouts in Halo 4

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I believe you were already able to customize loadouts :stuck_out_tongue:

Having loadouts in multiplayer will ruin the game (again).

Having them in Forge will make the game better.

Technically, you can customize loadouts in Custom Games.

But I support customized loadouts only if they work with the gameplay of Halo 4. If they’re just something to draw more of the CoD scene, then 343 shouldn’t do it.

As long as Halo 4’s gameplay was designed to work with and around loadouts like Halo: Reach was, then I support it.

I think that even the smart Reach fans would be against this, because they know that Halo has weapon sandbox were every weapon has its role, unlike cod or battlefield were there are many clone weapons; in this kind of games it works, but not in Halo.