eVolution Gaming is asking you to join its ranks!

Be part of the Evolution!

Join the eVo Gaming Discord today! (Message me, or post here for an invite!)

Our focus is to create a healthy, inviting community for players from all walks of life. With an overall goal of bringing together community and competition all in one. To teach, inspire, and create the best! We aim to create an environment that everyone can enjoy. Somewhere all of our members feel comfortable being themselves.

We have several community members who play various games including: CoD, Rocket League, Among Us, Fall Guys, Destiny, Halo MCC, H5, Gears of War.

We have Community Giveaways, Tournaments, and game nights! (Wild Wednesday - Rocket League | Sus Saturdays - Saturday Night among us)

We are looking to grow our Halo community and support teams into Infinite to compete.

If competing is not your thing we plan to host custom nights, and have plenty of people to get in some BTB action!

Right now we have a lot of interest in MCC, but a few H5 players here and there!

If you are interested in checking us out message me, or post here for an invite to discord!