Evidence and ways for blue team to be in H5

Hello I am Haloloyalist117 and I have been a fan of Halo since 2008 and the main reason I like Halo is its wonderful story. I have read all the books and My favorite part of the story has always been the Spartans II’S and for years I have wanted Blue team in a Halo game. I was really hopeful for them to be in Halo 4 but sadly they where not.There has though been evidence came up that may point to them finally being in Halo 5.This will be a long post so please bare with me.

The Reason to have them in Halo 5

After the death of Cortana at end of Halo 5 Chief is lonely and is Discovering his Humanity.With Cortana gone Chief will need another Companion or Companions in Halo 5.Who better to have with him then his Life long fellow Spartan II’S Fred, Linda and Kelly with him ?They would be great to help John discover his Humanity and maybe even some reflection on there past in the Campaign.

What could happen if they are in Game?

After the end of Spartan ops Season 1 we see that it appears Halsey is helping Jul amdama. Imagine what a twist it would be if John reunited with Blue team and was sent to Kill Halsey? The question is would they kill the closest person to a mother they ever had ? I don’t know that they would unless her actions threatened Humanity which they are swore to protect.

What if Blue team along with John traveled together to the Ark to reactivate Mendicant Bias?

Example https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn2/t31.0-8/1658635_569826939778217_2095623531_o.jpg

What if The flood is released on the Galaxy once more and Blue team on there own or maybe by Orders travel to the Ark to and Reactivate him? People say they where not in the trailer well we all know almost always the first trailer of a Halo game is not how it actually happens in the game.

Chief goes Rogue and sides with Halsey. The corrupt O.N.I and Osman sends Fred, Linda and Kelly to take out Chief and Halsey. Would they do it ? They would not succeed but How would that play out ? Let me make one thing Clear. They would not try to take out John In my Opinion unless his action threatened Humanity. We know though Chief would never do that because "Are duty as soldiers is to Protect Humanity whatever the cost "He would never turn against Humanity because his entire Purpose is to protect it.

Just imagine if Blue team meet John and they joined him because O.N.I is no longer in Humanity’s Best Interest and they ordered Halsey’s death. How would O.N.I and the UNSC React to that? But one must also remember Spartans will always do what is in the best interest of Humanity.

How they could be in the Game (Gameplay)

If they where in the Campaign they could take place of the other 3 co-op Characters. Each Character could Give you traits when playing as them. With traits like this.

(Note that player 1 always plays as John but when in CO-OP Players 2-4 get to choose there Spartans)


John would have the ability to command the team with D pad commands like those seen in Star was Battlefront. Example of D pad commands. Up-Move Forward Left-Spread out .Right-Move in tight. Down-Hold this position. This would be in line with his role in the Books.


Kelly would Have ability to Sprint and simply walk faster then anyone else. This would be in line with her role in the books.


When using Fred your Melee action is replaced with that of a Knife slash and his Melee is more powerful then the other Spartans.This would be in line with his role in the books.


Linda would Start each mission with a Sniper rifle that would be replaced after the players first death. Also when using the sniper she would have extra aim assist. This would be in line with her role in the books.

The evidence Blue team will be in Halo 5

There has not been a lot of evidence that Blue team will be in Halo 5 However there has been some including some straight from the mouths of 343.I will state the evidence here.

1.In “Awakening the art of Halo 4” Which is a book of all Halo 4 Concept art there is a very interesting picture in the very last page of the book. Here it is.
.Though not confirmed it is really easy to tell that this is Fred, Linda and Kelly. They are in Spartan II armor and they fit the description of them very well. Also being in the last chapter of the book could be a tease for Halo 5.Dont forget the cover of the book Halo Cryptum was Halo 4 concept art shown on the cover of the book before Halo 4 was even announced so 343 can be sneaky.

2.In 2012 Franky said this and I will paraphrase “They will not be in Halo 4 but we do have plans for them, and what they do will be germane to the main story”.Nuff said

3.Something Kiki said at a panel see it here near the 36:10 point.

Here statement there makes me really excited as they admit they have been Considering Blue team for the future of Halo.

See it here

4.There Appearance in recent fiction. After seeing Fred and Kelly at the end of FUD and Linda in the Scanned trailer I am confident that 343 is Try to Introduce them to fans to be more recognized in future games.

  1. the Halo 4 essential guide. It states that “SpatanII’s wearing mark VI in the field have been reported but are highly classified” .I find this very interesting.

  2. 343 Bringing Star wars republic commando Creative Director could be a sign for Blue team in Halo 5 as he is a expert at making a squad based game.

. Here is a video of Evidence for them

Thank you

Thank you for taking the time to Read my post and I hope you enjoyed it. Please post your Opinions below and Any more evidence that you have I did not post. Let us all hope for Blue team in Halo 5.Thank you.

I think you’re one of the few people on these forums that’s as hard-core of a Blue Team fan as I am. :slight_smile:

This is a good collection of theories and evidence, and thank you for compiling it into one post…but unfortunately as with pretty much all the speculation that’s flying around right now, we won’t know for sure what’s going on or what direction the Halo story is going to take until this year’s E3. I really hope you’re right though - guess we’ll just have to keep our fingers crossed.

Personally, I don’t think it would make any sense for them to continue the Chief’s story from hereon out without at least addressing what’s going on with the other Spartan-IIs. Their lives are too intertwined for them to not be involved somehow.

I really like your idea on picking which member of blue team you play as that would be pretty interesting and could mix things up a bit if you ever get stuck or bored.

definitely hope we see blue team in halo 5 but out of personal preference I hope they’re wearing the regular mark VI not MC’s updated version or any of the armour from halo 4.

Blue team in campaign or something like Titanfall AI grunts that you can give D-pad commands to…oh yes you have my vote.

First of all, I never read the books and only know blue team as “other spartan IIs”, but I am still a big fan of Halo’s story.

I definitely like the idea of bringing other (real) Spartans into the equation. However, from the campaign experience that was Halo: Reach, it has to be done right. playing alongside invincible Spartans does take a little out of the campaign gameplay, especially Chief’s lone wolf-type style, and the tactics of protecting your allies and using them for greatest effectiveness.

If they are in it, there has to be some sort of vulnerability; for example, after taking too much fire they will go down, injured-style, and after 30 seconds they can be revived by the player. This would add dynamic into the game.

I’m not a fan of letting the player choose which member to play as, since MC in my opinion is vital to have as the main character in Campaign. But, I’ve been hoping for D-pad commands for a while. I’m hoping for at least “attack” and “hold” commands to nearby allies, so they don’t go running right into a pack of Hunters.

Also, about the possible Halsey plotline, it would be interesting to fight other Spartan 4s and ONI troops as enemies as enemies (maybe having a way to just injure/knock them out), and a confrontation with Chief vs Blue Team, or Chief and Blue Team vs. Palmer, Majestic, and Lasky sounds like it has potential. The humans have never been the enemy before, and that’s something 343 could try out.

Plus, Chief wasn’t on the Infinity’s mission to Requiem, so he must have been doing something else. Maybe we’ll get some black-ops, deep-cover type missions in the beginning.

And I totally agree that Chief’s armor should be the original, Halo 2/3 armor, not this new advanced suit that he never should have gotten. Hopefully they fix this, although it’s just aesthetics.

On this same note, what about the Arbiter? He never died, and the story arc with the Elites has to have him doing something. Maybe we could see him again, at least as an NPC? Or maybe Buck and the ODST squad can make a return? If ONI is involved, maybe Dare will be too?

I think we may see them in their own game first. I have a feeling that if we don’t get a H2A this year we will be getting something more along the lines of ODST that could involve blue team.

The lore has gone a long way from the days we believed Chief was the only S-II left. While the books and such are doing a great job adding in these other characters in we still need to see them in a game to get to know them better.

Teams like Red, Blue, Gray, and Black are still around and we need to find out what has happened to them and how they fit into the whole of the universe. Seeing as we have only seen one of them in a book lately we will probably see them in a game in the near future.

The Blue Team should have “Spartan-II Abilities” which is strictly (underline x4) only for campaign… they would have timed activation ones… to simulate adrenaline in the field… and passive abilities that are always active.

Being the fire team leader and the Reclaimer he would have a “power”, due to the Librarians gift, to use Forerunner artifacts… like sentinels or perhaps unique focus turrets? The Blue Team squad commands, would be set up into two sections small preset battlefield commands (BC) and strategical commands (SC). The BC would be controlled via the d-pad, with like advance; hold position; suppressive fire; and regroup… while the SC would be more area unique commands like breaching, and strategical positions… like man the shade turret and provide cover. Think Star Wars Republic Commando. This way John-117 seen as a strategical leader like he is portrayed in the books as an intelligent tactician.

  • Reclaimer Influence (Passive)
  • Spartan-II Tactician (Passive)


  • Automatic Based Weaponry.
  • Fits all-rounder class leader.

Being the best sniper out of the Spartan-II, her skill is unprecedented… and so could snipe enemies with ease… and thus would have a better accuracy with precision weaponry and sniper rifles, giving her a slight aim-assist buff. Yet being the best, she can also fire from the hip just as easily as if she was zoomed in… and so her power should be “auto-aim”… similar to Brute Force’s Flint’s Auto-aim. This would allow Linda-058 to be portrayed as a legendary sniper with unparalleled skill and precision.

  • Spartan-II Precision (Timed)
  • Spartan-II Accuracy (Passive)


  • Precision and Sniper Rifle Based Weaponry.
  • Fits sniper-class squad member.

Being the fastest spartan ever, her skill should should come from her reaction time… and so she could obviously have the power of “Spartan-II Agility” which would allow her base movement speed to be generally faster than everyone else… as well as sprinting at almost the speed of mongooses… and fast reload times… and so higher rate of fire… she would also have a slight warning or indication if an enemy is about to fire… “Spartan-II Awareness”. Think Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. This would allow Kelly-087 to be portrayed as a faster, more agile spartan.

  • Spartan-II Awareness (Time)
  • Spartan-II Agility (Passive)


  • Battle Rifles and Sub Machine Gun Based Weaponry.
  • Fits scout-class squad member.

Being the best spartan in melee combat, and favoring the combat knives Fed-104 would gain a buff in melee-situations. He would be able to draw out dual combat knives for a short time which can instant kill foes… “Spartan-II Beserk”. And he would also gain an additional boost in his general melee strikes and gain a slight boost to general close combat weaponry… like shotguns and light machine guns. Think Fred-104 in Halo: Legends The Package. This would allow Fred-104 to be portrayed as a melee enthusiast.

  • Spartan-II Bezerk (Time)
  • Spartan-II Aggression (Passive)


  • Melee, Shotguns and Light Machine Gun Based Weaponry.
  • Fits suppression-class squad member.

I just made a modification to the original post of something I was going to add but forgot. When in CO-OP Player 1 always plays as Master chief no matter what. When play solo as well you can only be John. But when in CO-OP Players 2-4 can choose the Blue team member they play as.