Everything wrong with RANKED gameplay - from an ex top Halo-3 50 MLG player - current D5 player

Rant Since 343 industries took over Bungie, halo has gone down the crapper and we all know it. The hype around Halo Infinite was so immense because we were promised something better than Reach, H4, and H5. I went from spamming MLG games on H3 as a 50 every day from 8th grade til Jr. year of high school - to quitting because of Halo Reach. Stop bringing the crappy aspects of all the 343 halo games into infinite. Hard changes need to be made. Here is my proposal as an original top H2/H3 player who simply wants Halo back, not halo+CoD+Fortnite+everything else.

Proposal (at least for ranked - coming from a current D5 player)

Grenades - Bounce way too much. Look back at Halo 3 grenades. You could utilize them to set up kills while no shields with a quick reaction time. Throw it off a wall, 180, headshot, dead. Now, you throw a grenade at your feet and it flies right passed the enemy. The only thing grenades are used for is chucking them into rooms or long distances and praying it hits. The hail marries from all the bad players that have randomly hit me is so frustrating. That is not Halo. Grenades should be utilized as part of your tool kit not only for team fights, but to help get out of sticky situations. You guys have made them bounce multiple times and go every which way. It should be one moderate bounce and a tiny second bounce if at all. I ask you guys check out Halo 2+3’s grenade mechanics. At least tone it down a bit. Also, minimize the splash radius. Just another mechanics 343 has implemented to help the bad players.

Battle Rifle - Love that it is back. Nothing wrong with it. The issue I’m personally running into is that it feels like when I’m not scoped, I miss too many shots. I’m not sure if that is me trying to lead my shots like you do in H3, which I played up to the release of infinite. Or if its the beta servers, because I am one of the players whom are experiencing multiple connection issues. I still get my “perfects” and 3+1 kills. It’s just frustrating that it feels like if I don’t scope, I lose a BR fight.

Ranked Arena guns - Can someone tell me why the needler, plasma pistol, shotgun and these new random alien guns are in ranked? Ranked/MLG games should have the battle rifle, rockets, and snipers. That’s it. The fact I’m dying to a long ranged shot gun, or a spastic player using a needler, or a lightning beam in ranked is absurd. Nobody asked for these unnecessary weapon changes in ranked. Leave that to the social slayer plebs.

**Beat-downs ** - Why am I flying across the map when I get beat down? Getting hit by a melee should be dropping my shields, that’s it. Getting charged at by a brain dead player, beat down, then 1 tapped is unbelievable annoying. There’s no skill or mechanical play to that. It’s bad enough sprint got added to Halo, now you’re allowing people to push people across the map while dropping their shields?

Dropping shields - Spartans turning into electric spartans with no shields is an unnecessary modern change. So many times it has appeared the enemy is 1-shot but they’re not. My bad, they weren’t electrical enough to be no shields apparently. Turn off the animations all together or only create the electrical animation if they’re absolutely no shields. Less is better.

Weapon names (minor annoyance) - This doesn’t negatively impact gameplay, so it’s whatever. But who the hell thought it would be a good idea to call the Rocket Launcher a Spanker…? Hello? Call it the rocket launcher. Call the sniper, the sniper rifle. Stop adding changes that are totally unnecessary.

Snipe rifle shooting - The sniper doesn’t even feel like a sniper. Why is it so -Yoink!- loud? Why is the recoil as much as a shotgun? Stop with these stupid changes!

Sprinting - I get it. You’re trying to modernize the game. Halo is not meant to be a super fast paced game. That’s why there are shields. That’s why there was never sprinting. That’s why its a 4-shot kill when you hit all your shots and end with a head shot. Halo is about mechanical skill. Sprinting increases gameplay speed dramatically. I know it will never get removed. However, things like beatdown push back and grenade bouncing + huge splash damage need to be removed to compensate for it.

Dashing - HELLOOOOOOOOOOO. What? WTF? What is this -Yoink!-. It’s bad enough we deal with spam crouchers and sprinting. You could crouch once in a BR fight in H3, anymore and you were a sitting duck. Now people are bouncing up and down. Now we have dashing!? Stop adding mechanics to Halo that ARE NOT HALO. There is no way the majority of Ranked players enjoy this mechanics, opposed to not having it.

Maps - are meh. Don’t compare to Halo 3 maps whatsoever. Praying there are better ones on launch.

Conclusion: Stop trying to make Halo something it’s not. It only feels like Halo because of the battle rifle, shields, and Spartans. I want to enjoy this game so badly. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the launch. I specifically remember hearing from devs that each kill should feel earned. I do not feel like I earn kills sprinting into people, beating them down with no chance to react, and 1 tap them. I do not feel like I deserve to die when a grenade that shouldn’t even be near hitting me, completely drops my shields cause the splash damage was so big and it bounced 50 times. Make this game the Halo we grew up loving to play and inspiring to be as good as the pros on the MLG stage. Make Halo great again!

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Sounds like it’s time to play some octagon.

I personally like the difficulty of the sniper and the BR in this game.