EVERYTHING WRONG with Halo Infinite(techn preview)

I already posted this on reddit but decided to also post it here because why not.

I would like to start off by saying that Halo Infinite looks pretty good but with just like any other game there are some things that I like, dislike or I’m not too sure about. I’m also fully aware that it was a technical preview and things are subject to change.
I decided to give constructive criticism about the parts of the game that I don’t like because many of the posts (especially those on reddit) right now are just highlights from the game. Please don’t confuse constructive criticism with negativity or hate. I don’t hate the game or the people who work at 343. You may or may not agree with me just keep it civil.

  • The physics of inanimate objects are just set dressing. In Halo 3 you could get killed by a traffic cone. The same can’t happen in this game which is a shame because in Halo 3 it made for some very funny and ridiculous moments. You can destroy some of the objects and push them a little bit but that’s about it. The maps are somewhat static without those type of physics. - No grenade/rocket jumping and Gravity Hammer launching. Two of the best aspects that made Halo 2 and 3 truly legendary games are nowhere to be found in Halo Infinite. There are very few FPS games with this kind of physical interaction in fact the only one I can think of right now is Team Fortress 2. In the map Live Fire it looks like the tower could be accessed from the back side if grenade jumping was a thing. I believe there are only two ways of accessing the tower. One is by using clamber at a predesignated spot and the other one is by taking the stairs which makes for a very predictable movement. You could also use the grappleshot which is definitely more unpredictable but players won’t have it on them most of the time unlike frag grenades. I also noticed several other places in the other two maps that looked suitable for grenade jumps. I really hope 343 doesn’t think that clamber and the grappling hook can’t coexist with grenade jumping because they can. Image if you could grenade jump and then climb. It would make the gameplay more varied. Also, grenade jumping and hammer self-launching take some skill to do unlike clamber and grapple which take little to no skill. If Infinite has Grifball but no hammer launching it would be a major disappointment. I hope grenade jumping makes a comeback and future maps are designed around it. - No ricochet from the sniper rifle. Another cool feature from Bungie’s Halo that is missing in this game. It can be hard to do it and requires a little bit of luck but when you pull it off you feel like a million bucks. No reason this shouldn’t return. - Hit markers – you don’t need them when you shoot somebody. There is already enough visual feedback from the shields to know that you’ve hit somebody. Grenade hit markers should also be removed from the game because players just use them as radars. Actually, grenade hit markers serve as a better radar than the threat sensor and you have more of them. Makes the game a lot easier than it should be. - No player collision and no friendly fire. Both should be in social and competitive. Player collision allowed players to do cool tricks like hoping on each other’s heads. It also made you think more about movement. You don’t want to get stuck at an entrance just because you and your teammates are going in two opposite directions. Friendly fire prevents grenade spamming and makes players more aware of their surroundings. I read somewhere that the lack of player collision and friendly fire is just for the technical preview and I hope it’s true. - Spartan chatter is just dreadful. Some of the Spartans sound like teenagers and their lines are laughably bad. I’m glad we can turn this off but when something is so bad it makes me wonder why it’s in the game in the first place. I’m guessing the only reason they put it is to appeal to CoD and Apex Legends fans. - AI voices are unfortunately just as dreadful as spartan chatter. Most of their lines make me cringe. They sound like Overwatch characters or something borrowed from a Disney animation. Definitely not something that sounds like or belongs in Halo. The worst one is the overly excited lady. They have way too many lines and just wouldn’t shut up. Why do I need to be told what weapon I just picked when I can see it with my own eyes? Thanks for telling me that I just picked up the Gravity Hammer AI. For a moment there I thought I picked up the Gravity Gun from Half Life 2. The worst thing is I don’t think we can turn it off. I saw a couple of empty slots in the AI menu and have a bad feeling that 343/Microsoft want to make money out of it which is why it can’t be turned off. At least tone it down by cutting half of the lines. Overall, there is just way too much babbling during gameplay. - Plasma pistol – it kind of looks like you are holding a fat fish in your hand. 343 have brought back the original models for the BR, Assault Rifle (Reach) and the Needler but for some inexplicable reason they have decided to use the plasma pistol model from Halo 5. They should use a model similar to the one in Halo 2 Anniversary instead.When fired in normal mode the plasma pistol sounds like something from a cheap sci - fi
    movie. The Bungie sound is so much better and should return. Don’t try to fix something that isn’t

  • The Needler sounds like SMG. The sound of crystals crackling and shattering is iconic and should make a return in this game. The explosion it creates when you kill somebody looks more like a mist than an actual explosion.

  • The sound the Gravity Hammer makes when you hit somebody isn’t impactful enough. The one from Halo 3 still sounds the best. - Medals should be on the left side of the screen. They lack texture and should look shinier. All of the points that you gather during a game should be displayed after the game not during. There also shouldn’t be any information whatsoever (points, medals etc) appearing next to the crosshair. It’s distracting. - The shield popping has a wet sound to it. Not sure if this is something we can turn off. If it can’t be turned off then it should be replaced with the shield popping sound from Halo Reach. - There should be blood splatter on walls. Probably won’t happen because they want a T rating.I hope 343 sees this and take at least some of it into account.
    Here is a link to reddit if anybody is interested https://www.reddit.com/r/halo/comments/oy61lg/everything_wrong_with_halo_infinite_multiplayer/

Agree with everything you said OP. Would like to add in that power weapon UI timer needs to go.

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> Agree with everything you said OP. Would like to add in that power weapon UI timer needs to go.

What’s wrong with the timer? Not everyone has time to play the game enough to get these things down. Take it out of ranked, but it is fine in casual.