Everything WRONG with Halo Infinite Store

Dear 343 Industries,

          What in the name of Bacon are you doing to yourselves?? The store is an ugly mess and smells like corporate greed. And it’s a strong odor too. You re-release the same stuff over an over weeks in a row. The Anubis armor set has already been negatively responded to. The flower thing is already out, so is the vehicle skins. The so called “new” weapon skin was just a cry for help. Literally naming a red, black, and grey camo SpNkr skin “ Cool Guy”. It’s evident that 343 isn’t even trying to appeal to us anymore. They are trying to steal money from new players who just want to look cool. Because new players will see this and think: “wow that’s a cool gun skin, I wanna be cool so why don’t I blow $10 on it right now!”

Please 343, I get you want money, I get you had to cut tons of awesome content, that if organized wisely, could come in a future DLC. I get you are like many other companies and really want $$$ for your hard work. But you have to understand that to us Halo was never about the money. You can make double by taking a risk to save the game. More people will play if it’s good.

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