Everything wrong with Halo 5 to me

Hi everybody,

I’m listing below everything wrong in Halo 5 according to me, so that 343 knows what mustn’t be done with Halo 6. Remember: I’m NOT against Halo 5 or against 343, in fact, I think its multilayer almost reached the fun I had in Halo Reach (I had ton of fun in it :slight_smile: )

  • BTB: every BTB map is made in forge… they look a lot better than previous game’s forged maps but we can still easily see the difference beetwen a forged and a non-forged map.

  • Elite mandible anatomy is wrong AND THIS AFFECTED THE ARBITER’S FACE: right anatomy 1 - right anatomy 2 - wrong anatomy

  • the arbiter: he is unrecognizable to me: his face changed, his armor changed, his behaviour changed (too much aggressive), his dubber in my language changed… (I’m italian, and he sounds like a nasty pirate in italian -_-)

  • Physics are different from past games: I don’t know if this change was already made in Halo 4, but I tried this experiment: in Halo 3 i used to experiment weapons in Sandtrap with my brothers, if you put about 4 or 5 explosive barrels under a Warthog in Halo 3 and make them explode the vehicle will explode and fly away, in Halo 5 would just explode… other example: you walk or drive a vehicle near a plant in Halo 3, the plant has an animation for it - this doesn’t happen in newer games -_-

  • humans building art style looks all the same - and it is less realistic than past games. (Reach has lots of different ambients made by humans)

  • enemies and allies ai is awful: the game looks more difficult just because enemies almost never miss, have a high high damage value, and shoot a lot further than before… -_- (best enemy ai was Halo Reach’s)

  • warzone firefight: spartans and enemies spawns are awful, most of objectives are too much difficult because for 2 or even 3 rounds you’re stuck at REQ level 4 max… (they could have just put there the old relaxing firefight!)


  • elites: not a fearsome enemy anymore like they were in Halo 2 and Reach, they behave like Halo 4 and have less shields (they just run at you or wait for you to come out and shoot you from the far distance…)

  • animations: I don’t know how to explain this, but most of the animations feel like fake to me ^_^"

  • a wrong cutscene can kill the whole campaign: right after blue team goes awhole there is a brief cutscene on the Infinity that can’t even be skipped where Cortana is revealed as the enemy by wierd talking of Halsey, Lasky and Roland destroying all the mistery behind that >:(


  • The story is VERY VERY short. The campaign results longer just because there are lots of areas where spawn enormous waves of enemies.

  • RANDOM UNLOCKS ALONGSIDE MICROTRANSATIONS: I AM LEVEL 69 AND STILL HAVEN’T MARK IV!!! I’M NOT GOING TO PAY HUNDREDS OF EURO FOR THE REMAINING 48% OF HELMETS AND ARMOURS 343! We need direct unlock exactly like Halo Reach - in that way you had to earn stuff, not pay for it or unlock everything worse before get a little possibility to random unlock what you want.

  • 0 BRUTES: there is just the hammer -.-

thanks for reading