Everything unlocked bug?

Uh so I don’t know how I did it all I know is that I did it… So let me give you a lil brief of the issue, I play on Xbox for Halo MCC I don’t have much unlocked for armor, emblems, ect, was playing yesterday night nothing interesting so I wake up today go to work come home and hop on looking to relax and have fun but then I noticed that I have 100+ new unlocks and I’m like what? So I go to look and everything and I mean everything is unlocked, including 343 only stuff, and things I don’t think you can get anymore, and mind you no one has access to my account and my girlfriend plays on PC, so was I hacked? Is it a bug? I quit out of the game completely and start it back up and still I have it all unlocked. I don’t wanna get banned but I didn’t earn any of the things that are now unlocked.

I wished I could get this bug tbh. I’d love to have everything unlocked. I wonder if it is anything to do with the previous bug that locked season’s top offline.
I hope they can fix you bro