Everything that I thought was wrong with this game was because I was playing on One S

So, long story short, everything that I complained about with this game was because I was running it on the Xbox One S. I can see 343 saying that the campaign is playable on all generation consoles but the multiplayer should have been new gen only. I had horrible reticle control, tons of rubber banding, super bad hit reg, inability to be able to tell where I had got killed from, no confidence in winning any gunfights, etc. You can even find my posts about questioning people who said the aim assist is too strong. However, Ive been playing on Series X for about a week now and it is literally a different game. I probably would have quit playing on the One S. It just wasn’t enjoyable because its inconsistency and lacking performance. Now, the aim assist DOES feel maybe slightly OP, the sniper no longer feels like there is a delay between pulling the trigger and the shot going off, no scoping is easier, headshots are definitive and I know when I missed. Probably went from 30-35 accuracy to 50-60 average instantly. So for anyone complaining about anything on the multiplayer side, its probably you’re hardware, sadly.

TLDR: Series X=Good, Old Gen=Game sucks

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I am playing only on the old xbox one and can’t say that I have problems in the multiplayer. So I think it has more to do with weird hit registration, desync issues and unstable connection. Not necessarily due to the console you are on.

Same, I’m still on the original X-Bone, other than the hit registration issues the game looks and runs just fine.

MCC crashes on me a lot during the initial loading any map in Halo 3, but that is absolutely due to the overabundance of content that H3 has, and my old console simply can’t handle the load.

But Infinite runs just fine, aside from the obvious hit registration and BTB issues that are presently affecting everybody.

I hope what you’re saying is true…I’m doing quite well on my old Xbox One X but I experience some of the same issues you have mentioned, and I’ve just treated myself to an XSX which should arrive next week. If I experience some of the performance improvements that you are then hopefully that will be reflected in my in game performance too.

May I ask what tv/monitor you are using and what FPS you get? I’m currently using a 1080p monitor so doubt I’m even getting 60fps with my current set up.

Trust me man, its literally a different game. You’ll notice it immediately. Im using a AOC 1080 144hz monitor. I have no idea what frame rate Im getting but it is way smoother than the One S was. It SHOULD be getting 120 on performance mode but Im not sure how to tell on the console.

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MCC released on the Xbox One though so that can’t be the issue. It’s most likely a corrupted install or update. I had a similar issue on PC where I would occasionally crash in a specific custom game map in Reach. After reinstalling the entire game, I no longer experience that weird crash.

I feel the jank a little on my 1s but I’m grateful they made it for it.

I live between two places. When multiplayer dropped I had to leave my PC where I worked, so I installed it on an original generation Xbox One when I got home because I didn’t wanna miss a single second.

Holy moly was it ever awful.

Sub-30fps, entirely unplayable.

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Interesting, I’m on an Xbox One-S. Maybe it’s time to start saving my spare change.

Life tip: you will never experience higher than 60 FPS on most titles with an Xbox One S, let alone 30 FPS in most cases. It relies on the same APU as the Xbox One, and you can guess how well that machine does.

If you want to be competitive at higher ranks, yes, start saving. Also, I “financed” my xbox through the all access program. Its zero percent interest and regular price so for me, it was a no brainer. System arrived in three days.

Not sure who you’re replying to but yea, that’s what Im posting about. The One S and its 30 or less FPS nearly made the game unplayable. The Series X should be running 120 on performance. :slight_smile:

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I have Halo on:

  • Xbox One Series S
  • Xbox One X (2017 version)
  • High Performance PC

The main difference that will drastically improve your aim and hit registration is the amount of frames. On all Xbox’s but the Series X you can adjust your graphic settings to be set on “Performance” which will take your frames from 20-30 to 60. Xbox series X locks this mode as it says it doesn’t need any adjusting as the system can run at the highest quality and still keep 60 frames.

Your screen/monitor also can have a huge impact on aim and hit registration because it may only be refreshing the screen at 30 frames per second when your Xbox is putting out 60. You need to make sure your screen is matched or above 60.

Infinite is not built to run at higher than 60 frames but with computers this is still possible but the game becomes unstable. I found that when I have Vsync turned on I will start getting 70-80 frames per second but my game often crashes even though my computer can run any game at max settings at over 100 frames per second. Once I turn Vsync off, the frames stay at exactly 60 and no problems.

Hardware has nothing to do with it.

This is 100% not true.

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My friends on XSX are able to turn performance mode on so your post isn’t 100% true either. The XSX is capable of 120fps 1440p in performance mode, and I believe 60fps 4K in quality mode.

even on the Xbox One X is the performance horrible.

You have either quality-ish mode at 30fps, or performance mode at 60-ish fps.

Quality mode looks kinda okay, but not really and Performance mode looks absolutely horrendous, even on a 4K screen.

Hardware has everything to do with it :see_no_evil:

I don’t have the XSX (so I can’t speak for myself) so I’m only going off of what others have told me. I have had multiple tell me that the option to change it is there but the only option is quality. I think it may have to do with how they set up their system though when first turning it on.

The “performance” option only shows up if you have a display capable of 120hz and that setting is enabled in the Xbox settings.