Everything keeps reseting! Help Please!

About twice a month for about 4 or 5 months I will get on halo and even though I’m SR130 it’ll say SR1 and everything will reset to recruit. But when I go into Matchmaking it’ll go back except I have to fix my armor and loadouts and such.

Hello DORKfreaker.

Have you checked your save file to determine if its corrupted? You’ll know it’s corrupted if it has a Yellow circle with an exclamation mark inside. If so, I suggest deleting the save. All that it contains is Campaign missions that have been unlocked, loadouts, and current armor. The cloud saves everything else, so you won’t lose anything that can’t be easily reattained. :wink:

I suggest you follow Cizlin’s instructions.
You should also keep in mind that you can be reset because the device with the title update is missing, you suddenly turn offline then online, or you sign a guest or different profile in and change his/her armour.