everything Halo 4 pros and cons

i don’t know about everybody else, but i’m nervous about halo 4… from what i’ve seen it seems like the MP is heading in a more COD like direction. which isn’t entirely a bad thing, but it seems like they’re changing/copying too much. that said, i won’t really know until i’ve played the game myself.

i think that some things they’re doing have the potential to improve the game. sprint as a basic ability, i think will be a good thing. loadouts/weapon drops from what i’ve read/seen seem like they could improve the game, could go either way though. and those perks they’re adding could be good. all these things though seem to me like a more COD feel. but i’m hoping it’s not like that when i play, cause halo is so much better than COD, and different. halo is it’s own game, theres already games like COD, but halo is in its own league, and IF they change that, i think it’ll ruin the game.

all these weapon skins and armor skins are good too, nothing wrong with that, just a little something extra thats optional. the thing that is really concerning me though is that the ranking system will be the same as reach, and for me that was a major bummer. when i say the same i mean xp wise and has nothing to do with skill. which is what made halo 3 awesome and better than reach in my opinion.

and finally! the thing that bugs me ALOT is that i pre-ordered the LE a long time ago and i just found out that it doesn’t come with the strider and scanner helmet, and the emblem. but the stand alone war pack does. to me that makes NO sense. and if thats how it for sure ends up being, i’m gonna be ticked. granted it still comes with alot of stuff, but come on, gonna put it in the stand alone version, gotta put it in the LE. cheapos

in short, i’m pretty nervous about where this game is going, i hope it doesn’t lose that kick a** halo feel, but i think if they do it right, it has the potential to be awesome. (but they should still bring back ranked stuff :P)

CoD this CoD that.

Someone tell me, what IS CoD multiplayer?

Campaign. Please, just one thread about Campaign.