Everything awesome about Halo Infinite.

I’ve seen everything that 343 has released about Halo Infinite and it is amazing. With that in mind say what’s cool about it and what you liked. PS. anyone who thinks its bad, I just read an article on GAMESPOT and PCGAMES^N about how the demo wasn’t on Xbox series X and how it was done on a “PC representative of Xbox Series X”. This game is Amazing like Halo always has been and I’m sure that we’ll get more as we go. In the meantime, feel to talk about what you liked, anything from the lore we’ll get to the gameplay.

I thought the graphics looked good.

I’m glad to see that sprint is nerfed so bad that it looks practically worthless. I would still prefer that they just remove it altogether though. If we get some sort of confirmation that it is actually worthless, I may consider actually picking up Halo Infinite. But, if sprint is going to have any effect on the gameplay, I’ll pass and stick with MCC.

Lots to like. The classic art style being the best. I also like the fact they are moving away from high fidelity realism to a more classic look.
Personally I liked the weapons, mix of new and old. The brute ravager was my favourite!
A big fan of the pilot, I’m already invested and he looks like a great buddy for Master Chief.

I’m actually really hyped about being able to play cross platform with friends on PC, Xbox one etc. I hope full cross platform co-op is supported in the main campaign. Obviously, textures and pop ins/out are a concern but If these were fixed, I’d compromise on “graphics” somewhat.

What a lot of people don’t get is that this is a demo, not the final product so no worries People.